12 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room – Simple Tips & Tricks

Easy and foolproof designer decorating tricks that will add light to dark rooms in a house through decorative details. From adding the right type of lighting to layering in accents and accessories that will reflect light that will make a huge difference. Here are 12 room brightening tips to help you maximize the light in every room in your home.

I receive a lot of emails and comments asking me all sorts of decorating and DIY questions. One that has popped up more than a few times is this question… How can I brighten a dark room?

Novo Solo Halifax Buffet with 4 doors under a wall mounted TV

Designer Tips on How to Brighten a Dark Room

I think the reason the question comes up frequently is because of seasonal change. We are either entering the time of year when it’s dark outside when we wake up and dark before dinner. It can feel depressing.

Then when spring arrives, we want to lighten-up the rooms in our homes to shed the feeling of winter and welcome the warmer months of the year to make our favorite rooms feel more spacious and lighter.

If a room in your home is feeling gloomy, these 12 decorating tips and changes will immediately brighten it.

How-to-brighten-a-living room-with-paint

A few of these room brightening methods may require a bit of DIY effort. This was the case with the living room shown above that had a dark brick wall that made the room look dark and drab.

Most of the other room brightening ideas however listed below, can be done in an afternoon with no remodeling or contractor needed.

1. Using the Right Shade of White Paint

white and bright rooms in a house
Light reflective flooring and rugs help to lighten a room.

First and foremost, do you have features in your home that you cannot change? Perhaps a room with north facing exposure or a room where the windows or doors are obstructed by a covered porch that blocks natural light from entering the room? In rooms like these you need to experiment with different shades of wall and ceiling paint to lighten dark rooms in a home.

You may be thinking you just want brighter light in a room. Just remember that light, especially artificial light, or the direction a room faces can add either warm (more yellow) or bright (more blue) light to the room.

True white paint may not be the answer, but a warm white like Sherwin Williams-Creamy will work as it will warm up the cool grey that northern light casts onto a room’s walls.  If you add white with a blue tone, you are only going to add to the grey-ness of the light.

Finding the right balance in-between these two is what to strive for – a true white light throughout a house. In my house the color of the white walls that works is Sherwin Williams – Pure White.

Both warm and cool light can brighten up any room; picking the right one is more about what makes you feel good in the room. I prefer pure white, but I have a friend who has a bright, open home. She uses more warm whites in paint as well as the color emitted from the light bulbs she uses in the light fixtures in her home.

With lamp shades, she uses ecru-colored shades, where I prefer a pure white lamp shade. Her rooms never look dark, but they are not white white. So making a room appear brighter is not just about using pure white for everything.

2. Add More Lights – Literally

Brass floor lamp with white shade in living room

This is the easiest way to brighten up a dark room. Add more lamps. When I worked in interior design doing decor consults, I often found that homeowners didn’t really understand the power of lighting, the amount of lamps needed and the cast of color a lightbulb emits. They are almost an afterthought in their decorating scheme.

Instead, make room light a decorating priority and give it as much thought as you give when choosing a new piece of furniture and how it will fit into the room as a whole.

To easily brighten up a room, have at least 3 sources of light in every room while focusing on ambient lights. These are the lights that provides overall illumination and is meant to create a general and uniform lighting level.

Ambient lighting is the first layer of lighting and sets the tone of a space. That’s why it’s usually soft or diffuse, and often dimmable to accommodate day and nighttime settings. It can be a mix of floor lamps, table lamps, an overhead light fixture, recessed lighting, pendants, accent lights, or a wall sconce in every room. They should be placed around the room in a triangular pattern You can read more about how to do this in Decorative Lighting Tips

This approach to lighting a space will spread the light around the room in a pleasing way. You can have more than 3 light sources if you have a large room, or if there is a dark corner, an extra small lamp will help.

Lamp shade and light bulb

Use the Right Wattage Lightbulb

If you like warm light, use incandescent soft white 100 watt light bulbs, if you can find them.  If you prefer the look of a cooler brighter room, use white LED’s. 

Do some lightbulb testing trial and error. Lightbulbs have become overly expensive in the past few years, so save the receipts while you do some experimenting.

Buy a few different types of bulbs and wattages and try them out in your lamps and fixtures to see how the light affects the room and how you feel in it. Some bulbs will make the room appear too yellow or blue. Experiment and edit.

Trust me, it is worth the time and effort to find what lightbulbs and wattage work for your rooms. Return the lightbulbs that you didn’t like and then buy a few more that you do like so you always have the type you like on hand.

3. Use White Lamp Shades

blue and white decorated living room

When adding more lamps to a room, make sure that the shades are not totally opaque and that when turned on, the color of light that shines through the shades is the same. You don’t want one shade in the room to have a yellow cast and another to be bright white.

I have a lamp in my living room with a shade that looks awful at night. It looks white during the day, but when turned on at night it looks orange. It is because the inside is more ecru and over the years it has aged and yellowed more.

4. Don’t Block the Windows

Dining room with white drapes and chalk painted table

When you want as much light as possible to enter a room, take a look at you windows. If you have window treatments or draperies that block a part of a window, remove them or hang them higher on the wall so natural sunlight can enter the room during the day. Doing this is the best way to get sunlight into a dark room. When you need privacy at night, you can easily pull them over the windows.

If heavy curtains block the sides of the window and don’t allow enough daylight to come in when they are open, remove or learn tricks like using drapery pulls and other tips on how to hang drapes and curtains on the rods so that the stack-back of the drape on each side is not covering the window at all. Doing this will not only add more light into the room, but will make the room appear larger.

Another way to brighten dark rooms is to use light-colored fabrics when choosing curtains or blinds. If you have blinds on your windows, pull them all the way up during the day.

House exterior window before and after removing shrubs in front of it.

If you have any landscaping outside your home that blocks a portion or all of a window, trim it back so that the full amount of light can enter every window.

5. Paint the Ceiling White

bedroom being painted white

Regardless of whether you like warm or cool light, paint your ceilings white.  I use Sherwin Williams Pure White in a flat finish. I once made the mistake of painting a ceiling using high gloss thinking it would brighten the room more, which it did, but it looked horrible since it showed every imperfection in the ceiling.

If your ceiling is very high and perfectly smooth, then paint it high gloss, but a flat white finish on a ceiling will provide light reflecting qualities to a room also.

6. Add Glossy Wainscoting to Walls

 a fake transom made from a mirror and hung over a door that brightens a dark room.

If you have read my blog for a while, then you know about the space in my home I dubbed “the hallway of darkness”.  This hallway was a dark space all day long.

I tried a few room lightening methods like painting the walls white and the trim a glossy white. I even painted the door a bright fun color, but the hallway still looked drab.

It wasn’t until I decided that what the space needed was more glossy or shiny surfaces.  When I added bead board to the walls and painted them in semi-gloss Sherwin Williams – Pure White and went with a deep dark Navy with no yellow undertones for the top portion of the walls, the hallway came to life.

I even added a fake transom made with mirror tiles above the door to reflect the light from the single ceiling light.

So the moral of this room brightening tip is that you can still use dark colors, you just need to pair them with a crisp, pure white glossy paint and a white ceiling.

7. Place Mirrors Near Light Sources

mirror topped table to allow more light in the room by adding more reflective surfaces

Placing mirrors and shiny items near light sources allow you to reflect light into a room. Shiny items could be a shiny floor finish or decorative objects made of glass or metal.

When I made over this thrift store table, I had mirrored glass cut at my local glass store to fit into the top. When placed by a window or door, the natural light coming in bounces off the mirror reflection and into the room.

Where should you place a mirror on a wall when you want to brighten a dark room?

To maximize reflected light to brighten up a room, hang a large wall mirror on a wall in a room on the opposite wall from a window or door. This doubles the reflection of light coming from the door or window

Living room walls decorated for summer.
3 large framed mirrors hung side-by-side on a wall across from a sliding glass door reflects lots of light.

If natural light that comes into a room doesn’t reach a far wall or corner in the room, consider placing a wall of mirrors on the wall if it is across from a door or window. This will dramatically brighten things up.

Large floor or back-of-door mounting mirrors as shown in the image above can be purchased inexpensively at stores like HomeGoods.

Blue and white bathroom decorating color palette that brightens a dark room

Even if that is not possible, hang a mirror on an adjacent wall so that it can still catch a reflection and will double the amount of light entering the room.

glossy white paint on mirror above blue dresser in bedroom that helps to brighten a dark room

It is truly an amazing room lighting trick. I have a mirror hanging in every room, except my kitchen and studioffice to help double the light in each space.

How to fill outdoor flower boxes with fake flowers.

I have sliding glass doors in every room on the lake side of my house. I place large mirrors on the walls opposite these doors.  When out on the lake, you can see the mirrors through the sliding glass doors, but the mirrors look like windows that appear to be on the street side of the house.

This makes it feel as though you can see through the rooms to the front of the house, making my house feel more open and expansive.

8. Paint Doors and Trim in Glossy White

Popular white paint colors that will brighten a dark room

Shiny white doors and white trim always make a room look brighter. In my previous house, I used either Sherwin Williams – Alabaster or Valspar – Bistro White on all the wood trim in my house. It looked like pure white in the natural light that came into that house.

When I used the colors on the trim in the lake house, the colors took on a warmer cast that I didn’t like. I had to try out a few paint colors until I found that Sherwin Williams-Pure White looked like the truest white in the natural light.

It is for this reason that I hesitate to give out advice on using certain colors of paint. Every home has different light.

No two are the same so the only way to find the right paint color for your home is to do some experimenting and paint samplings of paint shades until you find one shade that rings true white for the trim in a room.

Have your chosen color made up in gloss or semi-gloss and paint all your trim and doors with it.

9. Paint Dark Furniture in a Fun Color

how to brighten a dark room
Chandeliers with glass globes and crystals brighten a room.

If your room is still feeling dark because of a large piece of dark furniture or dark furnishings overall in the room, consider painting one or more pieces in a light or fun color. Large pieces of furniture that have a dark finish can make a room appear darker.

In the case of the dining room in my previous house, there was a dark corner with a dark stained corner cabinet in the room.

Placing a lamp in the corner would have looked odd, so instead I painted the piece a bright fun color making it pop out of the darkness.

If you have never painted furniture before, it is not hard. You just have to schedule time to get it done. If you need some guidance, I have many how to paint furniture tutorials that will help you to achieve painting success on a piece of furniture.

10. Wash the Windows

No one wants the chore of having to clean, but it is amazing what squeaky clean windows can do for a room. Grab a bottle of your favorite window cleaner and lint free paper towels and get to work. You will be rewarded with a much lighter feeling room.

To wash unreachable outdoor windows with ease, learn how to tackle the chore in this post, Inside & Out Window Cleaning Tips

11. Aim Light at Walls and Ceilings

If you have ceiling lights where the bulbs can be directed, then take advantage of this. Instead of having the light shining down into the room, change the direction of a few of the fixtures to light the walls. Try to keep a balance of light throughout the room, though.

When choosing lamp shades, don’t use shades with top covers that don’t allow the light to hit the ceiling.

Another way to add light to the walls in a room is to hang picture lights over the wall art. This will not only put focus on the artwork, but creates a decorative way to lighten the room.

12. Remove Clutter

Lastly is a trick that will not only brighten a room, but make it look larger at the same time. Remove clutter.

Clutter makes a room feel visually heavy and can lessen all your room brightening efforts. Tidy up and reap the room brightening rewards of having less stuff in the room.

I hope this post answers the question, How to brighten a dark room? As you just read, learning how to brighten a dark room is not limited to just adding mirrors and painting walls stark white. You can also add your personal style so that every room in your home has just the right amount of light for your changing mood and needs.

Easy and quick decorating tips on how to brighten a room in a home.

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  1. Stephanie Butcher says:

    Any chance to know the maker of the medium blue & white floral wallpaper in the bathroom?

  2. I am in love with these simplicity and stylish decorations

  3. Thanks for so many great ideas, as always! A few in particular really apply to me at present. I’m going to revisit my interior lighting, among other things. I learned from you a while back to use mirrors and I’m thinking of adding more. My favorite mirror I added looks like an antique window, thanks to your ideas, and I love it every day! Best wishes to you with your upcoming surgery.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thank you Linda

  4. So many helpful ideas I wouldn’t have thought of, thank you Diane as always for sharing such practical and easy tips!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Tiffanie

  5. CleaningExpert.Me says:

    Awesome tips on brightening up an area, our favorite tip of course is removing clutter. Freeing up clutter makes any room feel light and airy giving you an uplifting feel. Thank you

  6. Jasmine Springs says:

    Thanks for these wonderful tips. I hung one mirror decorated wind chime near my window and reflects the light from the window so beautifully, it really brightens my bedroom

  7. Handy Squad says:

    Love the mirror trick in dark rooms! Great post!

  8. Sue Bauman says:

    One of your best posts to date! And that’s saying something!

  9. Choosing the right light bulb color has been challenging for me. Thank you for the very helpful post!

  10. OMG, Diane, I have learned a lot from you over the year. I just consult with my first client today about her bedroom makeover I am going to do and when I put her design board together I talked about these things. I didn’t know you posted this post about your tips. I, in fact, mentioned you to her and was showing her your interview on my blog. She was praising me when I said, a lot of things I have learned from a blogging guru and that’s where I showed her your picture. I am so blessed to meet you via blogging. I am so excited to see your video as well. I am so hoping someday I would meet you in person even if I have to fly, I don’t care. There is another designer I want to meet as well as she toughs me a lot too.
    BTW. I purchased my domain and it’s bushraslifestyleblog.com I have not switched yet but planned soon and as you said it’s nice to buy domain early on. I thought I should take your advice and do it. My mother loves you too. We talk about you like a family member. It’s so funny when I sometimes say, You know Diane did it and my mom would say, yes pull up her blog and lets see…lol This post is such a game changer when it comes to decoration and brighted your room. I can’t stand darkness in the house either.
    Thank you so much for everything!

  11. Kathleen Lyons says:

    I love the idea of brightening up a room….Regarding windows–how can one leave them without coverings or with just a sheer—-and not have any fading on furniture on the inside?

    Thanks Kathleen

  12. Mary Cadwallader says:

    Love the “Fake” Transom idea. I have a box of mirror tiles and some molding in the basement. Tomorrow I add light to the back stairway of my 1910 foursquare. Thank you.

  13. Great tips, thank you!! Our living room ceiling always looked dim & dirty even after cleaning it( (which was a chore). I finally bit the bullet and painted it a flat ceiling white. Amazing difference & the room looks & actually feels lighter & brighter. We also removed an old pine tree in front of the living room window about 5 years ago. Now we enjoy the glorious southern exposure. Before the room felt gloomy and in shadows. The back of the house faces north so we really did not have much light to begin with.

  14. Sandy Mcallister says:

    I love having different lights. I have a suggestion for your lampshade. years ago I had an old-fashioned
    standing lamp that I couldn’t find a shade for. When I went to a lighting store to get it rewired and mentioned about finding a shade they said they could make the right one. It was perfect. Look around someone may have a store like that close by

  15. Nancy Walden says:

    I totally agree with your tips! My house faces north and the largest window has never seemed to bring in a lot of light. The smaller window faces east so I get some morning sun but it doesn’t last long. Three years ago I had a wood surround built over my red brick fireplace. My living room is 18 feet long and the fireplace mantel was nine feet long and it added a lot of “dark” to the living room. The new surround is bright white and the face and hearth are a beige “marble” tile. That made a huge difference in the room. I’ve always used sheer curtains with solid drapes on the side. Last year I bought new wider rods so now my 6′ window looks like it’s 8′ and the 4′ window looks like 6′. That actually had an added bonus of making the over sized fireplace (on the same wall as the 4′ window) looks more proportional. I”m new to your blog and I’m really enjoying it!