My Crafts Closet–Ribbon Organization Idea

Want some ribbons?


I have way too many that are in disarray.  I promised myself I would get my studioffice organized before the holiday season begins so I can work more efficiently and that means ribbon organization, too. Well September is almost over -time to get a move on and get it done!  Look at all those tangled ribbons!  How did I ever let them get this way?

Well – there is one reason and his name is…


Yes, he is up on top of the hutch in my dining room!

See all those loose ribbons hanging in the armoire?  I used to have them all nice and neat, but if I leave the doors open – Trax  jumps up and pulls them down.   Since the ribbons are on spools they sometimes roll right off the spool and onto the floor.    He thinks my studioffice is his very own amusement park!

Diane-InMYOwnStyle in her studioffice


I keep most of my ribbons on tension rods.  I can fit four above this shelf.  Curling ribbons are to the back.  I also found a long basket that is perfect to hold ribbon rolls in a neat and orderly way.


Since tension rods are made to fit any size opening they work the same way in a closet as they do for their intended purpose to hold up a window treatment.

How to use a tension rod to hold, store, or organize ribbon:

Pull rubber tip off the ends of a tension rod and then place the ribbon on the rod.  The rod is doubled up in the center where one side goes into the other. You may need to widen the hole on the ribbon spool to get it over that section or just add the spools from each end.


 When the rod is loaded with spools – replace the rubber tip.   Use straight pins to secure the end of the ribbon on each spool.

ribbon organizing idea


If you have never used a tension rod – they are quite simple to use. I used the short size. They also come in longer sizes. The package will state the width you can adjust it to.    To hang it – turn one end one way and the other end the other way to lengthen or shorten.   Check the fit and adjust so the rod is tight against the two sides of the cabinet or closet.

I place my most used ribbons toward the front of the cabinet.    What is great about this way to store ribbons is that it keeps the shelf clear for something else, doubling your storage space.  When a roll gets empty – you simply take the rod down, add or remove a spool, and put it back up.

Crafts closet ribbon organization idea

Much better. I just have to remember to close the doors when I am not in here to keep them this way.

Ribbon-storage idea


Smile inducing organization!

Craft blogger's craft closet organization idea

Now I have to tackle the rest of the room.




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  1. Becki says

    I have my ribbon on a tension rod and I’m glad to know about using the straight pins! Love your organization of your craft room!!!

  2. says

    I love your craft closet! I’m swooning with envy. Is your fireplace (previous post) in your dining room? I saw your dining hutch on the opposite wall. Great photograph with the pumpkins and chandelier in the reflection.

  3. says

    Oh Trax is so darn cute, bet you can’t get too mad at him. Great idea on the tension rods, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you :) I saw someone on Pinterest use tension rods for pot lid dividers, seems those rods are pretty useful for more than just a cafe curtain!


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