Easter Bunny Napkin Ring Template

How did Easter sneak up on us?  I am having 11 people over on Sunday and haven’t even gone shopping for the food yet.  This afternoon I sprang into action to get the table set.  I pretended I was working back in retail display and used only what I had on hand. I shopped my house and came up with 6 easy ideas to decorate and set your table for Easter that you can have done in minutes.  You may not have all of these items in your house, but with a little bit of rummaging through your cabinets and drawers you may come up with your own ideas.

Download for Easter Bunny Napkin Ring Template is at the end of post.

Quick-and-Easy-Tablesetting Ideas

1. No-Sew Tablecloth and Runner

I had 2 yards of white burlap in my fabric stash. It was just long enough for a table runner.  Find out how to finish the edges on burlap in this post – How to Make a Place Mat Out of Burlap.

How to make Burlap edges fringe

I pulled out my Spring tablecloth from storage. It really isn’t a tablecloth – just raw edged fabric yardage.  I have used it for about 5 years. I add a  large tabletop to the table for holiday celebrations –you can read about it, here – How I Enlarge My Dining Room Table for Extra Seating.   I need a very large tablecloth – larger than ready-made sizes.

No Sew Table Cloth

Fabric yardage works just fine. I am not about perfection – only affordable, quick, and pretty.

Table setting Ideas

2. Tissue Paper Flowers

I love fresh flowers, but have no budget for them this year.   Tissue paper to the rescue to add color impact to the center of the table. I placed a white ceramic pitcher in the middle of the table. I placed one flower on top of it and the others around it.  You can find  how to make tissue paper flowers in this post – How to Make a Tissue Paper Valentine.  I made the ones for this table in many different sizes.

How to make tissue paper flowers

How to make tissue paper pom pom flowers

3. Doily Place Mat

If your plates are looking a bit lonely.  Place a tray size round doily under them. Instant interest!

Place Mat Ideas -Doiliy-placemat

4. Scrapbook Paper Place Mat

No doilies to place under your plates?  Try using scrapbook paper. I used a different color at each place setting and the doily, too.

Place mat ideas - scrapbook paper

5.  Napkin Fold: Bunny Ears

“Bunny Ears” is my go-to napkin fold. I usually place them in the stemmed glasses on the table, but since it is Easter, I decided to have some fun and made bunny face napkin rings to go over the rolled napkins.

1. Fold napkin in a triangle.

2.  Start rolling the napkin from the folded end.

3. It will look like this.

4.  Fold in half. Place in a glass to add height to your table setting or use on a plate with a napkin ring.

Napkin-Fold - Bunny Ears

This is how they look when placed on the plates without a napkin ring.

Easter Table setting ideas

6.  Easter Bunny Napkin Ring

My girls are grown, but they still enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny.  To accent the Bunny Ears napkin fold, I made a bunny face, bow tie, and names of guest’s on my computer and printed and cut them out.

Bunny-napkin-ring free printable

I  rolled up an 8-inch strip of scrapbook paper and secured it with a glue dot. A dab of hot glue would work, too.  I attached the bow with each guests name on it with a glue stick.

How to make a paper napkin ring

Slide the rolled napkin through the paper ring and you have cute place cards for your table.

Easter Bunny Napkin Ring

I have included a Pdf. download for you to print out and make your own at the end of the post.

How to make an Easter Bunny napkin and ring for a tablesetting

Quick, colorful, and all done with ordinary stuff I had on hand.  I bought the dessert size polka-dot plates at Marshall’s about 6 years ago. They are normally displayed in a glass-fronted cabinet in my kitchen.

Bunny Ears napkin folding idea

I love the pops of color.

Easter Table setting ideas

Happy Easter

Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Bunny Napkin Ring Template and Printable


Click here to download Bunny Face PDF.

I cut off the black outline around the face.

Free printable Easy Bunny Napkin Ring

Click here to download the bow PDF.

Free printable Easter Bunny bow Tie


  1. says

    LOVE the adorable Easter Bunny napkin holder. Great ideas for a limited budget. I love the dollar store for things like the doilies and glass votive holders.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Happy Easter !

    Stacey :)

    • says

      Thanks Stacey-

      The dollar store is the best for doilies – it is the only place I know that always carries them. Happy Easter!

  2. says

    Thanks for these lovely ideas, Diane! I love the bunny ears napkin and will definitely do that this year – how fun. Also the doily under the plates – so pretty. I just wrapped plain votives in lace ribbon as I saw on Pinterest and this would go along so nicely with those.
    Wishing you a very happy Easter!

    • says

      Hi Lisa – Thanks. Great idea with the lace ribbon – I bet it looks so pretty. They will go perfectly with the bunny ear napkins. I hope you have a very Happy Easter. Enjoy!

  3. says

    LOL! I’m not even hosting, we’re just making a few things and bringing them to the daughter’s house, and I haven’t gone yet either, Diane! My plan is to shoot out early this morning and get what I need. Your table looks great, especially for just shopping your house! I am loving those bunny napking rings ~ great idea and love that it is a place card as well. Thank you for the download on that. Happy Easter!

    • says

      Hi Kathy – After I finish working on returning comments and e-mails this morning I am off to the super market. Hopefully that will go quickly. The bigger thing I have to do is clean my house. I keep it organized, but boy it needs a good scrubbing!!! I haven’t done it in a long time and am actually looking forward to it. :) I can’t believe I just said I am looking forward to cleaning – I guess I caught the spring cleaning bug :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. XO

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I love this……. everyone should read your blogs. So many wonderful ideas and all for FREE! I just drew your bunny face and bow tie with a soft crayon by placing some puter paper over my monitor and I will file them in my stash of holiday stuff for windows.

    Oh yeah, I may have forgot to tell you that I hung my bunny wreath up yesterday. I tried using a smaller wooden twig wreath for the top of bunny, but could not get the plastic hangers to go in, so I went to the Dollar Tree and bought this small green flower foam thingy to use. It did not have rounded edges like a foam wreath, but I cut a circle out of those expensive paper plates I had left over from a demo I did…… and covered it with some left over white tissue paper before putting my ribbon around it….. ribbon is that sheer stuff. I don’t have much, but I sure loved your ideas and bunny. He is cute, but not as professional as your cute one. I lucked out and found an odd pink hanger….. grin.

    I am so glad Trax is coming home this afternoon. And yes, he will be very larthargic I bet. I know he will be glad to be home and see you and especially the girls.

    • says

      Hi Shelley – I enjoy setting tables – my display background kicks into gear. I am not so creative when it comes to cooking the food for entertaining though. I over cooked the ham just a tad – it crumbled when cut :)

  5. says

    Wow, this is so awesome. I am so glad I stumbled upon you because I needed these ideas (The day before Easter). I am on it now. Thanks so much for sharing your fab ideas. This is such a wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our WIW linky party. Hope to see you there.


  6. Lexy says

    It’s January 2013 and I’m looking ahead to Easter already. I absolutely adore your Bunny Napkin Ring.
    I’m wondering if you could share what print you used for your name tags? Simple yet so easy to see and read.

  7. Nola says

    Your ideas are really creative and the directions impeccable. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Vicki says

    I’m not sure you will see this as your original post was for a few years back, but I love the Easter Bunny napkin rings. My question is when I click to open pdf for bow tie, how do I add names to the middle? Thanks

    • says

      Hi Vicki –

      Once you click on to download the .pdf to your computer you can add the names in one of two different ways. 1. In Photoshop – open the .pdf file in the program and add the names. Save it as a new document and then print them out. 2. If you don’t have Photoshop you will have to do it the old fashion way. Download and print the .pdf as is. Then write the names out with a colorful marker on each bow tie in your best print or handwriting.

  9. says

    Your email is not showing up and when I try to return an email to you, it bounces back. Did you use another email address when you left your last comment?

  10. says

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  11. says

    Dear dianne,
    Thank you so much for teaching us this napking holder.
    Im so happy i found this and did today. On monday we will be hosting easter monday at home. Im so excited. Thank you again and God bless
    Best regards,



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