How To Create a Monogram Using Microsoft Word

This is Part 2 in a series of 3 about Decorating Ideas Using DIY Monograms.  In my post yesterday, I showed you how I took a monogram that I made on my computer into a way to decorate objects around your house or to embellish a gift.

Today I am going to show you how to create a monogram in Word.  Click here to go to my post on how to Make a Monogram in Photoshop Elements.

Since posting about a Monogram Wreath tutorial earlier this year, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is  -” I don’t have Photoshop, can I make a monogram in a word processing program?”    The answer is yes.    I didn’t know how to do it in MS Word, but played around until I created a monogram.


I am familiar with Microsoft Word and Elements software programs, but I am sure there are other programs that will work. To make the monograms, you need to be able to move the type layers or text boxes, make them transparent,  and overlap them.

No matter what program you are using, you first have to download the font you want to use.  I have posted where you can download them for free and how to install fonts on your computer.  You can find more font links in my sidebar.

Tomorrow I will post the 3rd part of the series. It will be list of free monogram fonts to download.    Fonts that work the best for making monograms have letters that are vertical -  not slanted.

For this post I am using the font Monogram KK.

Working With Text Boxes

If you are new to working with text boxes in Word – making them is easy, moving and sizing them takes a little practice.   Every text box has a frame around it with grab/size buttons. When you click inside the text box, the frame will appear with buttons at each corner.  Clicking on the buttons is how you size and move the text boxes around on the page.

To move a text box:  Hover your mouse over one of the buttons and wait for the 4-sided arrow symbol to appear; once it does – click and drag.

To resize a text box:  Hover your mouse over one of the buttons and wait for the 2-sided arrow symbol to appear, once it does – click and drag to desired size.

Making a Monogram To Print Using Microsoft Word:

I use Microsoft Word 2007.  The version you have may look a bit different, but the steps will be similar.  If you have any questions about your version – Google it – “How to fill a text box in Microsoft Word 2012” or whatever it is you are trying to find out.  The answers are out there.

I tried to be as detailed as possible and have included a lot of screen shots. Don’t be afraid. If you use Word – it will be easy.

Determine what color and size you want the font and entire monogram to be.   The center letter is usually larger when using script fonts.   For this tutorial – my center letter is 300 pts and the left and right letters are 200 pts.

1. Open  – NewBlank document.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

2.  On the –View Tab– check Rulers and Gridlines


3.  A ruler will pop up on the top and sides of your work area.  Gridlines will appear. These will help you align the letters, bullets, or any flourishes you add.   The gridlines will not show up when you print.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

4.  Click Tab – Insert, Then Text Box – Simple Text Box. If you don’t see the drop down text box choices appear, you may see a menu appear that says – Draw text box. Click on that. A plus sign will show up on your page. Click on the plus sign and drag it to create a text box.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

5.  Text boxes sometimes open up with text in them. Just click inside them to remove the text.  When working in text boxes you will see a tab along the top row of tools. It says Text Box Tools.  When navigating throughout creating the monogram, different tabs will show up when you are adding different elements.   It can be confusing at first thinking it disappeared, but it has not  – you are just working in the fonts or colors and the tabs at the top change.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

6.  Choose your font and size.  (When working on font and size – you will find these selections under the Home Tab.)  I like to do this first, but sometimes Word changes it on you. If that happens type the letter you want into the text box first, then choose the font and size.  The size drop-down menu only goes to 72 pts.  To create a custom size.  Click and clear the number in the white font size box and add the size you need.    Click –Enter.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

7.  If you change the size of your font and part of it gets hidden in the text box – click one of the corner buttons on the text box and drag to the size needed to reveal the entire letter again.

How To Create a Monogram Using MS Word

8.  To create a bullet to place on either side of the monogram. 1. Make sure you are in Text Box Tools.  Left click on the text box in which you want the bullet.  A pop-up will appear.  2.  Choose the bullet and line symbol at the end of the pop up bar.  3.  A new pop up will appear – click on Bullet – then click -Enter.   The bullet may not be the size you need. To change it- highlight the bullet  by clicking on it, then go to the Home TabFont size bar to change it, then click – Enter.

How to move text boxes in Microsoft Word

9.  Text boxes are filled with color when you create them. They need to be transparent so you can make the letters overlap.

How to make transparent text boxes in Microsoft Word

10. To change the text boxes to transparent.  Make sure the Text Tool Tab is open. Click on FormatShape Fill.  A drop-down will appear. Choose – No Fill.

Repeat the steps for all the text boxes.

Microsoft Word Monograms

The gridlines will show up behind the letter after you choose “No Fill”

Monograms in Microsoft Word

11.  Now you need to remove the outlines of the textboxes.  Go to – Textbox ToolsFormatShape Outline.  A pop-up will appear – choose – No Outline.  Repeat for all the text boxes.

Printable Monograms

When you click on the letter after you removed the outline of the text box around it, you will see a faded outline of the text box appear. This will allow you to still  move them around.  To move – click on the button and drag.

Printable Monograms

Note I still have one bullet with the outline around it. I have to remove it or it will show up when I print.

Monograms to Make

12. To align and overlap the letters – Highlight the letter to show the faded outline of the text box. Hover over the top button on the text box and click and drag to move it where you want.  (When I first learned how to move text boxes – this was the hardest thing for me to master.    You have to hover just right over the button to get the 4-sided arrow to show up. When it does – drag the box where needed.) 

Monogram tutorial

You can print it out now or if you want an outline around the letters  – keep following this tutorial.

To Create a Circle Around the Letters

13.  Click on the Insert tab – Shapes. A drop-down will appear.  Click on the- Oval


14. My screen moved to Drawing Tools when I drew this circle.  Move your cursor to the top right-hand corner of your page and then drag it to create a circle over the letters.  To resize the circle – hover over any of the buttons that surround it and drag to the size needed.   You can stretch the shape into a perfect circle by doing this.

Decorating Ideas using Monograms

15. You want to remove the white background – go to FormatShape Fill. A drop-down will appear – choose No Fill.

Tutorial on making monograms

16. To change the thickness of the outline around the circle.   Go to – Format Shape OutlineWeight.  A pop-up will appear – choose the size line you want – click – Enter.


Repeat the steps if you want a double line around your monogram.


Once you click on No Fill – you will have a double outline or border around the monogram.


Monograms to make and decorate your home

You are done -Print it.


To Change the Font and Background Colors

1.  In the Home Tab – click on the square with the “A” on it to change the color of the letters.   Highlight each letter one at a time to change the color.

How to make Monograms

2. To change the outline color of the circle.  Make sure you have the Text Tools Tab opened.  Highlight the textbox the circle outline is in.  Go to – Shape Outline – and click on the color you want – click on- Enter.  There is an option for more line types. Click on it if you want to change the thickness of the outline while changing the color.

Computer Monogram Art

Color changed.

Monogram making tutorial

You are done;  just send the file to your printer to print.


To change the background color.  First make sure the color of the letters will show up against the background color you choose.   I changed mine to white.

How to make a monogram on a computer

Don’t forget to change the outline color as well.


You have to create a new circle to fill with color.  Go to Drawing ToolsFormatChoose ShapeOval.  Move cursor to page. Click and drag to create the circle.

how to create a monogram

Fill the circle with color.  Choose – Shape Fill – choose a colorEnter.

Preppy Monograms

To get the letters to show up again.  In Drawing Tools.  Click on the circle text box on your page.  Go to – Send To Back. Click on it – Enter.  The circle will move behind the letters.

Script Monogram

To add a border around a filled circle – add another circle outline on top of the letters with “No Fill”.  Choose – Shape – Oval . Click and drag over the page to create it.  Change the line color to white.

Monogram maker

A monogram with a color filled background.

Mongram tutorial

Print it. 


  • I print out the monograms on everyday computer paper and use an ink jet printer. I select Best or Presentation mode in my printer preferences.
  • Practice moving the text boxes to get the hang of moving and resizing them. Once you understand how to do it, the rest it easy. 
  • Another way to make a bullet symbol:  Using a symbol font such as Wingdings. Pressing L will give you a bullet, though it might be a larger size than your other text. Simply select the bullet, and adjust the size as needed.
  • Every printer is different, but you may have the option to Custom size before printing.  Experiment to find out.



  1. says

    This is a fabulous post, but there is a much easier way to make a monogram in MS Word. With the font Monogram KK, it will automatically size the letters for you. Type the left and right initials of your monogram in lowercase, and type the middle initial in uppercase. The alignment looks perfect and it saves a lot of time and the effort of having to create three separate text boxes!

  2. says

    I make sterling silver monogram jewelry and I have been creating my patterns in the free photo editing software, Photoscape. Thanks for another great way to accomplish the same thing. I also appreciate your favorite fonts lists. I’m working on another font for my monograms and these were great inspiration!

  3. Sandy says

    This was just fabulous and so easy to follow. Thank you so much!! I use word a great deal but completely forgot to make the fill transparent so I could over lap!!! I was losing my patience until I found this!!!

  4. Rebecca says

    Thank you SOOO much for how you describe doing this! You made it so easy to follow! I used this to print a letter to put on my son’s baseball hat for a school project. Couldn’t possibly have figured it out on my own.

  5. Elle says

    Just discovered your blog and following the step-by-step instructions, I was able to figure this out within 15 minutes! Do you know if it is possible to print the monograms on heat transferable paper to iron-on to clothes?

    • says

      Hi Elle -

      I don’t see why not. If your printer has the right ink to print on the transfer paper and the details of the letters can be cut out smoothly it should work.

  6. lindsay says

    Love this, thank you so much! Very helpful! I’m starting my own monogram business, and trying to figure out how to get things to my Barudan machine, software, etc… Do you have any tips on how to transfer my monogram (I just did in word) to my machine instead of printing? Thanks Again!!!

    • says

      Hi Lindsay – I am not familiar with the Barudan machine and software. I have just printed them or created them in my Silhouette digital cutting machine software and that does all the work. I am sorry I don’t know how to transfer it other than printing and then using graphite paper and a pencil to transfer it to paper.

    • says

      Hi Sheila -

      I don’t have a Circut, so I am not sure what types of files it takes. I have a Silhouette and I can use the Font KK Monogram right in the interface and don’t need to use MSWord to make it first. If you can save the file to an.ext that the Cricut takes then I think you should be able to use it. If not, try doing a Google search with the question. Something may pop up.

  7. Annie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love this tutorial, I didn’t know you can do this in MS Word! So easy! :o)

    • says

      Any type of paper your computer will take or that you want for your project. I usually use card stock, but if I am making a label, I just use printer paper and then seal the monogram in a clear self-laminated sheet.

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