DIY Wall Calendar + The Business Side of Blogging

I enjoy every aspect of blogging, but the business side of the job and keeping it all organized is the most time consuming part for me. I find this is also the hardest part as technology is constantly changing and you have to be on top of all of it so it all runs smoothly   You see the creative side, but there is so much more involved when you are a blogger.

When you read most finished posts – they sometimes look effortless, but  actually took hours toplan and complete and I am not talking about how long it took to make the actual project or take the photos.  It is the business side – reading and responding to dozens and dozens of email requests and inquiries daily, the advertising, sponsored posts information, social media, server issues, hosting accounts, sponsor contracts, and more. Taking care of all of this is a full time job all by itself.  It is part of the job description when you become a “Blogger”.


Up until now, I have been able to do it all myself, but as my blog has grown, so has the business side workload.  In the fall, I will be hiring a VA (virtual assistant) for a few hours a week to help me with the business aspects of blogging, so I can give 100% to the creative side.

To help me get it under control and be able to give an assistant a clear set of tasks, I need a plan of action.  I first have to plan out the creative and editorial side – post ideas, post dates, sponsored posts, shopping lists, etc.

To help me see this big picture, I just completed making a DIY wall calendar pin board to place a large editorial calendar.  I put it on the wall next to my desk in my studioffice.

How to Make a Custom Size Pinboard


I made the board by taping 3 pieces of foam insulation sheets (sold in the lumber aisle at the home improvement store) together and covered it with fabric. I used  hot glue to attach the boards together side-by-side and duct tape over the seams and to secure the fabric on the back.   I then used a glue stick to attach ribbon to the outer edge and spaced furniture tacks along the ribbon.  I bought the tacks at Lowes.


It is so lightweight that I hung it up with bank pins.  The calendar pages are cut from a wall calendar. I laminated each with self-laminating sheets that I bought at Walmart so that I can write on them with dry erase markers.

As the Editor-In-Chief, I am enjoying filling it out.  I like being able to see at a glance what I will be posting in December.  It is not set in stone, but if gives me an overall idea of what is ahead and hopefully will keep me on tract.  – and maybe even get a few posts ahead of schedule.

This new editorial calendar complements my main source of keeping track of everything I do for my blog, both on the creative and business side. It is my Planner Pad. I call it my brain book.


Some sponsors for my blog come to me, but I sometimes go to them first.

This was the case with Planner Pad. Since I loved and used the product and wanted to share it with you, I asked the company if they would send me one to give away. That was over a year ago. When I had only one month left on last years Planner Pad, my contact at the company emailed me knowing I would need a new one and sent it to me along with more to give away.

While I try my best to get posts up in a timely manner, in trying to do it all – I forgot about them until 2 weeks ago when I found them under a stack of fabric.

3 of them for 3 of you!

If you don’t know what a Planner Pad is and why I love mine, you can read the post I wrote about it here – Happy New Year!  I could not live without it. It is the best planner I have ever used. I have tried many, but this is perfect for the way I work.


If you would like to win one – just leave me a c0mment telling me what color ink you would use to write in it. I use a thin tipped black pen and a few markers in my fave colors.   I will pick 3 winners at the end of the day on Tuesday July 2nd using  US residents only.  This giveaway is over.

Upcoming Post Preview:

Did you know that Michaels – the craft store – now sells fabric?  I was asked if I would like to receive some of it to make some projects with. Since I am at the store on a weekly basis – it made sense for me to be a part of the promotion.


The pre-cut fabric, includes cotton, canvas, burlap, felt, faux fur, crushed velvet and tulle, and will be available in a variety of sizes from a half-yard to 2 yards.


I like the black and white chevron. I will show you what I make with it next week.    I am planning a Fall project with the burlap. – I already scheduled it and put it on my new editorial calendar Smile

Now that the business week is coming to an end – it is time for weekend fun to begin.  Tomorrow is my birthday – looking forward to some downtime with my family.  No blogging, calendars, business, or posts to think about.  When Monday comes around, I will  be relaxed and be excited to get back work.

Speaking of the weekend – Have you transferred your Google Reader blogs to a new reader yet?  Google Reader will no longer be available after Sunday.  You still have time to transfer your feed. Both bloglovin and feedly are free and will do it automatically for you, but you have to do it before July 1st.

I am using bloglovin and feedly. Can’t decide which one I like better yet. They each have their merits.  Do you read your blogs in a feed reader? Which one do you like best?


Happy Weekend!






  1. says

    I would use a black fine tipped pen as well along with several fine tipped colored markers. I sometimes use pencil as well as I love writing in pencil….:) Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Fingers crossed that I win one…..:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Catron Horton says

    I’m a black ink kind of girl but I try to color code my planner whenever possible. I’d love to find a system that truly works for me!

  3. Sue Scanlon says

    I’d love a new “brain”. I tend to use a fine tipped black marker with red and blue for details. Have a great birthday weekend!

  4. says

    I always use a fine tip black pen. I LOVE a great gen pen that glides effortlessly! I also love to use colored pens, markers, and highlighters.

    I love organization, this planner looks fantastic!! :-)

  5. Riva says

    I would love to win one of those planners! I primarily schedule my life in black ink but I like to color code sometimes – like maybe blue for birthdays and holidays and red or green for work. But I prefer using black ink as it seems to be the least stressful to look at!

  6. Ralu says

    Happy Birthday, Diane!

    I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s birthday tomorrow, she turned 8 on 26th. she is becoming quite crafty herself, so I’m trying to make all the guests happy: painting and decorating for the crafty ones, and running and being silly for…. the boys. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  7. says

    I would love a new planner to get organized. I usually use blue ink but have used red and black along with highlighters to make certain items stand out more.

  8. says

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday!

    I moved over to Bloglovin a while ago. I tried feedly but don’t like it as much.

    P.S. As I’m not American, I am NOT eligible for the prize. Please give it to one of my neighbours to the south :) ha ha, I am cracking myself up.

  9. lizykat says

    I love making lists, and have used a variety of planners, from calendar pages to 11×17 pieces of paper, marking out the week… sigh. I currently use ultra fine point Sharpies, have them in orange, purple, turquoise, brown, lime green… makes working on a list sooo much more fun!

  10. Annie says

    I am dying to try a planner pad so I hope I win! I will write in aqua blue… Currently my favorite pen :)

  11. Brenda Stafford says

    I retired as a high school media specialist, and our school colors were purple and white. I grew to really like my purple gel pens and still have quite a few. If I win a planner, I’ll use my purple pen with a side of pink and green!

  12. Mary says

    I started out with Feedly but really like Bloglovin because it gives the option of the blog listings on the right and the perfect size picture cameos on the L. It is real easy to mark the item read. I have also downloaded the Flipboard app but need to get the pages downloaded to my iphone.

  13. says

    If I had an awesome planner, I would ONLY use pencil. I like my calendar to be neat and clean, being a mama to 2 busy boys my life changes almost hourly. I like to use old fashioned yellow pencils that I can sharpen to a perfect tip! Please pick me!

  14. Leigh610 says

    Love this idea! I like writing with a bold gel pen in a rainbow of colors. Thais for the great ideas!

  15. Nikki Easley says

    First of all, I LOVE the bulletin Board that you made! I may have to make one for my scrapbooking room!

    Next, I would use a combo of fine tipped colored pens and pencil. For items that are set, I have a color for each family member. For the items that are still questionable, pencil is the medium of choice!

    Thanks! Keep Blogging!

  16. Christy Keyton says

    I have used MANY types of planners, but this one is one I have not seen. Looks great – and I would use turquoise ink. I love blue and turquoise is my new favorite shade! Thank you for posting about the pinboard too. I have some gorgeous large frames that I want to make into pinboard and have been searching the internet for the right type of board to use and where to purchase. This is great!

  17. says

    I am new to blogging and REALLY need something like this! Ha!

    I mostly use blue ink for everyday stuff, but love to use red ink to highlight!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! =)

  18. Patti says

    I’m limited to one color? I’d definitely use blue but then I do love pens of many colors. I got really excited a few weeks ago when I found a set of Flair pens in 8 colors. I’d definitely use those in a new planner as well. I’m always searching for a planner that will work well for me and this definitely looks like it would fit that bill.

    I hope I win!!!!

  19. Connie G says

    Thanks for the chance to win a Planner Pad….I would use Turquoise blue ink in my planner…bold and happy!

  20. juli says

    I’d use a thin black pen along with different colors to highlight special occasions. Happy Birthday!!

  21. says

    I would love to win a Planner Pad. I would use a teal and/or purple fine tip – to celebrate the Hornets basketball team name coming back to Charlotte, NC! We missed the Hornets!

  22. says

    Gettin’ late, too tired to think, but do know I WOULDN’T write in pink.
    Though I do love being organized too, so hope I win this book from you. :)

  23. Latisha M. says

    That Planner Pad looks awesome! I live by my planner, and I would use blue ink to write in it! Blue ink just feels cheery to me!

  24. Joni says

    I would LOVE
    to win one of the planners…I’m a little addicted to planners! Also, July 2nd is my birthday and that would be a really awesome gift! I love your blog! Happy Birthday to you!

  25. Tammy says

    I would enjoy using black bic pens and of course highlighters. ;). My crayons, colored pencils and markers will be close by when I get some inspiration. ;)

  26. Betty says

    I just finished reading your blog, which I enjoy reading very much. Every day I log on to my computer to see what you have posted that day.

    In your blog that you posted today you said tomorrow is your birthday.
    Is that tomorrow as in June 29th? Today is my birthday June 28th. I just turn 71 years old.

    Thanks for all the work you put into you blog. I love to see what you are doing each day. Keep up the good work.

    If I won the planner, I would us black ink and then sometimes use red and blue for special entries.

  27. Barbara Freitas says

    First of all, Diane, I’d like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy your time, celebrating with your family.
    I love your custom pin board….especially the self laminated sheets, so you can use dry erase markers! Brilliant!
    I have calendars everywhere….in my purse, in my kitchen by the phone, in my art room by the computer….and keeping them all coordinated is a chore. I think the Planner Pad would certainly fix that problem! I use three different color inks on my calendar…..peacock blue (my fav) for all my fun things to do (coffee with friends, kids & grandies visits, mani-pedi’s), and hot pink ink for the must do’s (doctor appts., meetings, hair appt.), and yellow highlight pen over pencil, for all things that are not written in stone (maybe I’ll go to that Estate sale, hold open for dog sitting, deadline to use 40% off coupon at Michaels). And speaking of Michaels…..thank you for the heads up regarding the fabric line that is going to be in their stores. You share the best stuff on your blog….I love reading it. Now good luck to all of us, who have a change to win a Planner Pad…….I’ve got all my pens ready and waiting…..just in case I’m the lucky one!

  28. Patricia says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…. and many more! :)
    I love your board but then I love everything you do.
    If I had to choose one pen color for my Planner Pad it would have to be red. I write everything down but I can’t seem to contain it all in one place…maybe this planner will help me! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend

  29. Tammi Harrison says

    Black for overall, green for bills (money), red for must do(s), hot pink for fun!

  30. Lisa says

    My go-to color would have to be green. I would use pencil for temp entries and red for absolute deadlines. I too, use far too many calendars (phone, work computer, work wall, home wall, etc…). Who knows? Maybe this book will help!

  31. says

    I think I would start with blue! I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now and really appreciate your thoughtful posts. You seem to anticipate all my questions and answer them well with a combination of words and photos. I have a blog I started with enthusiasm and have let sit idle for the last few months. You have inspired me to get it going again – thank you for that!

  32. Mary Crabtree says

    Happy Birthday, Diane!
    I love to write with black-it’s easy for these older eyes to see, and I think just looks neater!

  33. says

    I love a planner and a cork board so I loved this post! I am addicted to fine point sharpies in all colors. Black ink is my favorite for planner writing but I use the other colors for things that I want to stand out.

    Happy Birthday!

  34. Mary Alice says

    Blue ink is my first choice with black as a second. I like to use a pen that writes very smoothly.

    We recently made a bulletin board for my husband’s home office. It is enormous and it’s where he puts all of his framed certificates, photos and momentos. It has a large black frame around it and to keep the look unified, all of the frames inside it are also black (but different sizes and shapes). I love how this project came out!

  35. says

    Happy Birthday, Diane! Have a relaxing weekend.

    I’ll be following you on Bloglovin.

    I’d love a Planner Pad. The planner I’m using is just too small, and I can see why you love the Planner Pan — perfect size, perfect design.

    I write in whatever free pens I get from hotels when I travel. I’m frugal that way. UPS gives you free pens, too. I highlight in green, blue, orange and yellow. You can imagine what my pages look like!

    So happy to learn that Michaels is adding fabric. I know they will make great choices. How handy!

    Thanks for being an inspiration and a source of ideas for us crafters and bloggers.

  36. Patti says

    I would use my Ultra Fine Point (0.38mm) black pen for most entries with color coded entries in various colors (red, purple, green), all with a fine tip! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. says

    I’m a high school English teacher who relies on post-it notes in a variety of colors to remind me which “to do” item is most important. Needless to say, my desk and my computer monitor are lined with post-its. I would love love love to have a really good calendar. Writing in it would be a sacred ritual. I have a collection of fountain pins in a variety of colors that I use to circle, underline, doodle, star–basically draw attention to whatever I deem (or the administration deems) most important. I prefer a very fine point ink pen that doesn’t smear in black or blue. Mood pens.

  38. Carolyn says

    I use Medium tip blue ink. I just read your post on the Planning Pad. Funny how that back to school urge is instilled in us all.

  39. Mary Ann says

    I would really love the opportunity to win and use the planner pad. I would use a black marker pen, but might use a specific color for recurring items to flag them and make them visually pop at a glance.

  40. Barbara says

    You are so organized. I would probably use a fine black pen also. It looks like you can check everything at a glance. I also love the Pin Board. I don’t know if I can make my room look like yours, but I’m sure going to try.

  41. says

    Diane, you have hit the nail on the head: blogging is a business. People have no idea how much time is involved with getting a post done, and all the ins and outs. You are lucky in that this is your full time job, whereas I have to work my 9-to-5…come home to care for the kids until bed time…then ignore hubby in order to process a post because there is no other time! (Poor guy…).

    I also own two blogs, so double the work! Yikes! My goal is to give up my day job for blogging soon. But I can only make that happen with organizational skills. Thanks for the idea about a huge calendar board to keep me in schedule and to see my postings for the upcoming months!

    Good luk with your VA!

    Thrift Diving

  42. Margaret says

    The Planner Pad looks great – love the organization! I would use pencil, that way it’s easy to erase and keep the planner neat when dates change!

  43. Gretchen says

    I like to use different colors for each family member- it’s easier for me to tell at a glance who has an activity on a given day. My usual choices are bright colors (turquoise, pink, orange, green, & purple).
    Thank you for such a great giveaway!!

  44. Carol says

    I checked out the Planner Pad website. I can see why it would help you stay organized. You have a great site that I look forward to reading and getting ideas from. Organization is something I’ve been struggling with for a while now. Being retired from a work place is still no excuse for forgetting commitments, being on time, etc. Wondering if this planner would do the trick? If I had this planner I would use both pencil and my favorite fine lined blue ink pen and use it as a journaling tool as well. Thanks for the chance Diane.

  45. Sue says

    I would love a Planner Pad as it would be one tool that will keep my home and school life organized in one place. My pen chose would be a fine line pen in a shade of purple! Thanks.

  46. Betsy Murphy says

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday, dear Diane
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I would love one of those pads!

  47. says

    I’m inspired to tidy up and organize my work area! Thank you!

    I like my blue ink pen. It is a flowery designed pen I was given for my birthday. None of my guys will touch it so it doesn’t get ‘borrowed’ :)

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  48. Susan Roseburrough says

    Green, green, green! Fine tip green! Green inspires me!! Fantastic offer! Thank you!! Happy birthday!!!

  49. Shaye Cintado says

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog and Happy Birthday! I am a 1st grade teacher so I color code EVERYTHING! I use black ink for basic info but specific colors for different categories. My two favorite colors are green and blue (turquoise really) so I use those for special events. :)

  50. says

    LOVE the giant year long calendar! I have one at work and couldn’t live without it!
    I would use a combo of colors – different inks for the kids’ activities, one for me and one for the Hubby.
    Have a wonderful and creative birthday!!! I always use my birthday to tackle some project that is for me, and I don’t allow myself o feel guilty about it!

  51. Anna says

    I would use a fine black to write the recipes I plan to do, then probably a fine blue to write in the day I plan to search the exact recipe I will do and see which ingredients I need to buy

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Debbie Barker says

    I always use a Pentel RSVP fine tip pen in black and like to use their colored ones for coding. This pen is smooth and effortless to write with.

  53. Deb says

    I would love to try one of the Planner Pads. Organization is a key in my life and would love to see how this resource could make it even more so! I would use a black Paper Mate Ink Joy (1.0 M) for most entries and highlight “special” items with various colored Stablio fine points! Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Love, LOVE your blog!!

  54. mary says

    I use a pencil in case I need to change one of my appointments, no scribbling to make it look ugly that way.

  55. AmyB says

    I’d write with the first pen I could find that had ink in it. I think I need to be more organized.

  56. Sue says

    I am looking to get myself organized this fall. This sounds great!

    I like to use a variety of fine point markers, I enjoy the colors! Among it all, blue is always my favorite. :)

  57. Donna W says

    Black would be my color, along with some different colored highlighters to help me keep things straight.

  58. says

    Toss my name in the hat for the Planner Pad. I was just thinking that I needed to sit down and organize upcoming blogs. Thanks for the tips. I need to read up on bloglovin and reedly vs getting blog updates via email…my preferred way. Oh, that’s something else to put on the Planner Pad!

  59. Dawn says

    Oh, the joys of being organized with a planner!! Yes, I would totally love one of these and would probably use a fine point black pen with maybe some aqua and pink pens for differentiation between listings. You’re amazing Diane, and have a wonderful birthday celebration:)

  60. Belinda says

    I like to use a fine tip black pen along with colored markers & highlighters . The Planner Pad looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Candy Thayer says

    My life tends to be a bit chaotic…so I would write in pencil…so much easier to change.

  62. Theresa Stewart says

    Oh I would SO love to win one of your Planners! I will be early retiring soon and have tons of ideas to keep me busy. Being a receptionist, I know how important it is to have your time (and your bosses) plans down on paper (I am still a paper person tho I LOVE my computer!) And I would fill it with blue inks of all tones, especially aqua & turquoise! Thx for your superb and fun ideas! And, yes I too want to steal your house :-)

  63. Melody Wright says

    My choice of ink color would be black with sprinkles of color throughout. My favorite way to add to a calendar!

  64. Christina says

    I love planners! My ink colors would be black (of course) pink, orange and a yellow green. I might even throw in teal every so often! ;)

  65. says

    Yep, I need a new planner and one that works for my planning style. This looks like a good one. I would use my favorite pencil-Ticonderoga and use highlighters to color code things. Thanks!! And happy B-Day!

  66. Stephanie says

    The Planner Pad looks like a great tool! Especially since I’ve just added managing our beach vacation rental to my decorating business. Since I love color, I think I may choose my writing instrument according to my feel for the day. Practically speaking, I’d probably do turquoise for the color of our ocean water and raspberry reddish-pink for my decorating notes since both jobs are fun for me, I’d pick fun colors!

  67. Konnie says

    I would need to use different colors for different to do items. Green would be the go to.

  68. Lynn Dix says

    I used black Sharpies & a white-out roller for making changes (can’t stand strike outs). I like your pin board because it is so light…I could hang it with 3M command material…and not have to bother husband to do it.
    Thanks so much for the drawing!

  69. Marsha says

    I love the calendar idea, but am thinking of making a 2nd one for a bulletin board. Also, would love having one of the planner pads. I would use black to make notations with other colors to highlight most important.

  70. Lynn Durkovic Nelson says

    I would use my hot pink duel tip Sharpie! Thanks for the chance to win a great product!!

  71. Nana says

    Thank you for thinking of giving away some of the planners. I would use a fine tip black marker also but with aniversaries, birthdays and appointments I would highlight them in the colors to match the person that they are for.
    Love reading all your tips.
    Thank you again, Nana

  72. says

    Happy Birthday Diane-celebrating another year with you! I am so excited over your pin board and planner pad; it would be awesome to have a new planner pad (working on new home business idea for 2014). Since I love calligraphy, black is my choice for pens with pastel highlighters to emphasize their importance for organizing purposes. Thank you ever so very much!

  73. Kim says

    Hope you have a spectacular birthday! I am a pen freak (especially the gel pens). I love various colors, but I wan’t something bold. I would color code my meetings with different inks… example: doctor appts in turquoise, church meetings in purple, etc. General notes would more than likely be in black. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. elizabeth says

    I love glitter pens and right now Im all about bright pink – but for serious notations, I’d use glitter purple. love your blog and you do make it look effortless.

  75. Daneice Curcuruto says

    I would use a black fine point pen and use the colored pens when I needed something to stand out. Love your sight.

  76. Mags says

    The G-2 fine-tipped black, green, blue, and red pens have been my tried and true writing/planning tools for years! Somehow I write better when using my G-2s. I’d certainly be using them in the Planner Pad.

    Congrats on the VA! Good luck delegating.

  77. Michelle Hill says

    I would use multiple colors. One for each person in our house. We have such a busy schedule, it’s the only way to keep it all straight. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  78. angela v. says

    Aqua! I typically decorate with dark tones but this is my new go to color. Thanks! :)

  79. Andrea says

    Happy Birthday tomorrow…..have a wonderful day! I would use purple to write in my new planner (if I am a lucky winner) and boy could I use a planner with birthdays, a family reunion which I am in charge of and two local fundraisers which I am co chairing in my near future!

  80. Michelle says

    I would write in mostly in black ink and use colors to make things stand out. This planner could really get me organized.

  81. Suzi M says

    I love the pen you have pictured! My favorite to write with. I’m not too picky with my colors, the way it rolls out of the pen is more important. No clumps! If I had to pick a color that I would write with besides blue or black…. It would probably be a glitter purple, it makes me smile :)

  82. michelle says

    fine tip black ink, with every other color of the rainbow sprinkled in courtesy of my daughter who writes in all of my calendars and notebooks!

  83. says

    I would use turquoise blue for me and I have a different colour for each of my family members appts as well.

    Just one quick question, I am trying to work out exactly how you hung that pinboard with bank pins. Can you enlighten me? I absolutely love this pinboard.

  84. Christianne says

    I tend to like a black fine tip as well & I’m always making notations, stars, asterisks, etc. with colored fine tip markers (my current fave are citrus colors). I’m all the time putting little notes and “attention getter” embellishments to bring my attention to what I feel is really important. Thanks Diane for a great blog!

  85. says

    Thank you for this post, sort of found you by accident, looking for craft room organizing tip. Would love to win the planner, the style feeds my nature to organize thoughts with pen and paper. I’m a new blogger, talking about my love of diy and new lifestyle after 50. Thanks again for the post, have a great Sunday.

  86. Lisa says

    What a great planner! I would use my favorite blue ink pen & my washi tape to high-light important events. Great give-away, thank-you for the chance to win!

  87. Heather says

    I would use a black ink Pilot G-2 gel roller pen. Btw…LOVE your style, LOVE your blog. Oh, and happy birthday!

  88. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I sure thought I had changed over …. but now I am not sure. I really came looking for the company name of where you got your last white slipcovers from…… thought I had that bookmarked too…. sigh.

    OH, I would use what ever pen I could find, or sometimes a pencil, but would love to have turquoise again some day, but I like green ink and of course red for IMPORTANT to not forget stuff….. to write in my Planner Pad. I love those, but have not had any organizer for too long now and really, really need one right now!

    Oh do you like the loose leaf one? It is the only one I would ever buy… no more spiral for me.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. I have been busy, and yesterday I went to my high school, yearly, get together at Fernandina Beach. Even the weather got gorgeous for us after the morning, short rain storm.

  89. Jill C says

    Due to small strokes, I suffer from short term memory loss- so a planner is my lifeline for past, present and future. I’ve tried several, but this looks like a great choice. I use fine point mechanical pencils for fluid plans and a .05 black Micron for things I can. not. change. Thanks for your inspiration- best wishes to you!

  90. Emily says

    Those planners look amazing! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect one. I use whatever color pen I grab to write in my planner, but I developed a habit in college or using highlighters to color code things- pink for exams, yellow for due dates, orange for appointments, etc.

  91. Sharon Hoham says

    I would never have made it through college and my first 30+ ++ years of work without an organizer. Even with all my technology I miss writing things down in different colors-purple of course being #1, and the occasional doodle! Assorted colors throughout the year-holiday colors, etc. And I, too was a maniac color coder!

  92. says

    This is probably the best way for me to organize myself, just have all calendars up for the whole year so i can plan myself ahead… good job!.

  93. Deb McKathan says

    I love your calendar layout and may try it for my craft room in progress! The planner pad looks like something that would help me get organized. Thank you for the opportunity – I think I would use black for daily and red for birthdays and important days. Have a great week.

  94. Tina says

    I love pink and purple to catch my attention in a planner or calendar. The InkJoy Pape Mates pens are my favorite right now. Love your blog!

  95. Dawn Stephens says

    I would love to win a planner pad as I don’t feel my day is complete without some kind of action plan that is written down on paper. I use a blue pen and usually highlight with pink, blue and yellow highlighters.

  96. Janice says

    I use whiter pen, Sharpie, half sharpened pencil, etc. I can find in my junk drawer! I do love making lists and Planners are great!
    PS-your ‘Pinboard’ would also work for a simple-to-do, lightweight headboard, simply mounted at the head of a bed!

  97. Erika says

    I like to use pencils for my planners, with the occasional Sharpie pen, Fine point, in purple!

  98. Jennifer says

    The ink color for the planner would have to be purple. Perhaps some fuchsia for items that need to pop out. A strong lime green could be a third favorite. Looks like a great product!

  99. MJ says

    Cool pin board…black ink…and hope your birthday was delightful.

    I’ve run my own business for more than a decade, and have my own organizational systems, but the Planner Pad is the first thing I’ve seen that could tempt me in a new direction. Thanks for the chance to learn more.

  100. Shannon says

    I would use a fine tip black pen along with red for things that need my extra attention!

  101. Jill says

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I just found your blog last week and love it! I would truly appreciate a new planner, because my current planner has turned into an abbreviated journal. I need a little better before planning to encourage me to finish my bevy of projects. My pen color tends to be what’s handy, blue, black, green and purple. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  102. Angie says

    I love your pin board to help you stay organized. I love to use anything I can to stay on track and accomplish so much more just by not having to sit and think about what needs done when it is right in front of you. Thank You so much for your inspiration and all of your great ideas. I would use black pen with a little extra color for special items. Keep the ideas coming. I love to read your blog.

  103. Jennifer says

    I would use a small black felt tip, with my green, pink and turquoise pens for special events…

  104. Snooks says

    I would use black ink.

    This is definitely the best planner I’ve ever seen. I love the over all picture of everything for the week, plus the ability to actually plan between obligations. Well done!

  105. Teresa S. says

    My favorite color is purple so that is what I would use followed by green and orange. I would also have to use red for son#1, blue for son#2 and black for hubby…but it really looks like a nice planner :-)

  106. Meredith says

    I would love to say I would use multiple colors for revolving to-do items and project specific ones….but let’s be truthful. I should use pencil. Ha! I typically use Uni-ball Impact Stick Gel Pens in bold for my day to day writing. Clients like to steal them!!

  107. Faye says

    Usually I use a Pentel mechanical Click pencil. But I also like the Pilot G2
    minis, especially the turquoise!
    Hope you have a Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the great painting and DIY tips.
    Glad you shared how much work it takes to make the blog look so smooth!
    I now have the Planner Pad based on your recommendation! Love it!
    My daughter would also love using one as a busy Mom and school volunteer!

  108. AAllen says

    I would use purple ink, that’s the only color I buy, any shade. I’d also use my dry highlighters in pink, yellow and blue, they make the purple pop, and each remind me of a different category of thing. Yay you for getting a va, I think every highly-effective person needs one. Enjoy your day!

  109. Margaret says

    After reading your post I just *** had*** to head over to the Planner Pad website and check out all the goodies! Now I want one!! Maybe it would help me become more organized! As for colors….fine point gel pen in purple!

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