Organizing Drawers and More With Baskets

Happy Friday!  I have been in organizing mode lately – specifically organizing drawers.

I tend to go into this mode, when I am not in the mood to tackle something larger.  As you can see from the photo below, I need to refinish my kitchen floor – it is worn in many spots.  It is a big undertaking and I keep putting it off …and off …and off!

How to Build a Kitchen Banquette

How to Build a Kitchen Banquette


I keep coming up with excuses why I should wait, like:

…I should do it in the fall when it is cooler.

…hire a contractor and just be done with it.

…I’ll wait until we move.

There is nothing fun about refinishing a wood floor.  So while I make excuses -I have been cleaning and organizing drawers in my kitchen until I get my floor refinishing mojo back.

How to paint Kitchen cabinets

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I like change. Organizing lets me have change without costing me a thing.

Making what you already own look fresh and new simply by sorting, purging, and adding order can be very therapeutic.  Making it look stylish and pretty helps too.  I think that is why organizing and de-cluttering is a popular task among home lovers.   It feels like you are getting a new start with your stuff. You see it with fresh eyes.

I like organizing my stuff in baskets. I have posted about my love of baskets before and showed you a few ways I use them.

A tisket… a tasket… I like collecting and organizing

with little square baskets.

I have found most of them at the thrift store and yard sales – a few I have even had since I was a teenager.


“ The least expensive decorative accessories are the ones

you already own”

Organizing Drawers with Baskets

When I shop the thrift store – square and rectangular baskets are the first thing I search for.  I have never paid more than $1.oo for any of them. I soak them in the sink with some dish detergent when I get home and then set them out in the sun.


When they are dry, they come inside and become drawer organizers.    I am not a big coffee drinker, but I do “love me” some hot tea – all kinds, except green tea, which gives me an instant headache.  When the teabags are placed in a low sided, square basket  – I have no trouble finding exactly the type I am in the mood for.


This basket is one of my faves. I have three others just like it.  I have had them for a very long time. They work perfectly in drawers because they are square and the sides go straight up.  Round baskets and baskets that have angled sides don’t work as well  – too much drawer space is lost since they don’t fit together.


Square and rectangular baskets can be placed together like a jigsaw puzzle.  As you can see in my kitchen desk drawer, even though they are all different sizes and styles – they are all square or rectangular and fit together nicely – no space is lost.   I am still looking for a thin long one to place in the back left corner.


I don’t overlook baskets with handles  – like an Easter basket or one that has a handle on each side.  If I find a square or rectangular with straight sides and a handle, I buy it and remove the handles with a knife or pair of scissors.  The handles are just woven in and once you cut it, they are easy to remove from the basket.


Plasticware chaos – no more.  Storing the lids on their sides in the baskets keeps it under control.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Idea

Bigger baskets for larger items.


Seeing the baskets when I open my drawers adds a delightful visual surprise.  Everything in order and in its place –  aaahhhhh!  It is nice not having to rummage through to find anything.

Kitchen-Drawer-Organizing Ideas

I have even been known to line some of my drawers with colorful paper when baskets are not needed.  This gives you a dose of color therapy every time you open the drawer.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

These baskets are a bit bigger and are my favorite baskets in my house.  I found one at TJMaxx and when I brought it home and realized that it fit perfectly into these shelves, I had to find more.  Every time I went back to the store, I searched until I had 6 to fill the shelves.  It took about 9 months of searching, but I was determined and successful.  I store cookie cutters in a few of them and candles in the rest.  I made the French Enameled Tags for them.


In the pantry I have a set of IKEA baskets on the top shelf and many other types of baskets on the floor.

Home Office Paper Storage Idea

In my studioffice, I stack and store paper in them.

Storage and organizing ideas How to Make a Lid for a basket

On occasion, I may even make lids for larger baskets so I can stack and store items in them.  How to Make a Lid for a Basket

No baskets to organize with?

How about… cutting the bottom from cereal boxes and fitting them together in a drawer or use your larger square or rectangular plastic containers that you would normally use to hold leftovers in your fridge.   I know some brands of pre-sliced lunchmeat come in rectangular shapes.     Shoe boxes work well, too.

How to make Drawer-organizers out of boxes

I used small boxes and covered them with pretty paper to organize my desk drawer.  I was really into organizing when I did this since I even made labels for what goes in each box.   How I Organize My Desk Drawer

Drawer organizing ideas

Look what Heather Bullard uses – wood boxes, china, and even a box lid.    I wish my drawers were this pretty.

The next time you get into an organizing mood, before you go out and buy something to help you with the task – look around your house first to see what you can find to get your small stuff in stylish order.  Baskets work for me; you may be surprised with what you find.




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