Organizing Drawers and More With Baskets

Happy Friday!  I have been in organizing mode lately – specifically organizing drawers.

I tend to go into this mode, when I am not in the mood to tackle something larger.  As you can see from the photo below, I need to refinish my kitchen floor – it is worn in many spots.  It is a big undertaking and I keep putting it off …and off …and off!

How to Build a Kitchen Banquette

How to Build a Kitchen Banquette


I keep coming up with excuses why I should wait, like:

…I should do it in the fall when it is cooler.

…hire a contractor and just be done with it.

…I’ll wait until we move.

There is nothing fun about refinishing a wood floor.  So while I make excuses -I have been cleaning and organizing drawers in my kitchen until I get my floor refinishing mojo back.

How to paint Kitchen cabinets

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I like change. Organizing lets me have change without costing me a thing.

Making what you already own look fresh and new simply by sorting, purging, and adding order can be very therapeutic.  Making it look stylish and pretty helps too.  I think that is why organizing and de-cluttering is a popular task among home lovers.   It feels like you are getting a new start with your stuff. You see it with fresh eyes.

I like organizing my stuff in baskets. I have posted about my love of baskets before and showed you a few ways I use them.

A tisket… a tasket… I like collecting and organizing

with little square baskets.

I have found most of them at the thrift store and yard sales – a few I have even had since I was a teenager.


“ The least expensive decorative accessories are the ones

you already own”

Organizing Drawers with Baskets

When I shop the thrift store – square and rectangular baskets are the first thing I search for.  I have never paid more than $1.oo for any of them. I soak them in the sink with some dish detergent when I get home and then set them out in the sun.


When they are dry, they come inside and become drawer organizers.    I am not a big coffee drinker, but I do “love me” some hot tea – all kinds, except green tea, which gives me an instant headache.  When the teabags are placed in a low sided, square basket  – I have no trouble finding exactly the type I am in the mood for.


This basket is one of my faves. I have three others just like it.  I have had them for a very long time. They work perfectly in drawers because they are square and the sides go straight up.  Round baskets and baskets that have angled sides don’t work as well  – too much drawer space is lost since they don’t fit together.


Square and rectangular baskets can be placed together like a jigsaw puzzle.  As you can see in my kitchen desk drawer, even though they are all different sizes and styles – they are all square or rectangular and fit together nicely – no space is lost.   I am still looking for a thin long one to place in the back left corner.


I don’t overlook baskets with handles  – like an Easter basket or one that has a handle on each side.  If I find a square or rectangular with straight sides and a handle, I buy it and remove the handles with a knife or pair of scissors.  The handles are just woven in and once you cut it, they are easy to remove from the basket.


Plasticware chaos – no more.  Storing the lids on their sides in the baskets keeps it under control.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Idea

Bigger baskets for larger items.


Seeing the baskets when I open my drawers adds a delightful visual surprise.  Everything in order and in its place –  aaahhhhh!  It is nice not having to rummage through to find anything.

Kitchen-Drawer-Organizing Ideas

I have even been known to line some of my drawers with colorful paper when baskets are not needed.  This gives you a dose of color therapy every time you open the drawer.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

These baskets are a bit bigger and are my favorite baskets in my house.  I found one at TJMaxx and when I brought it home and realized that it fit perfectly into these shelves, I had to find more.  Every time I went back to the store, I searched until I had 6 to fill the shelves.  It took about 9 months of searching, but I was determined and successful.  I store cookie cutters in a few of them and candles in the rest.  I made the French Enameled Tags for them.


In the pantry I have a set of IKEA baskets on the top shelf and many other types of baskets on the floor.

Home Office Paper Storage Idea

In my studioffice, I stack and store paper in them.

Storage and organizing ideas How to Make a Lid for a basket

On occasion, I may even make lids for larger baskets so I can stack and store items in them.  How to Make a Lid for a Basket

No baskets to organize with?

How about… cutting the bottom from cereal boxes and fitting them together in a drawer or use your larger square or rectangular plastic containers that you would normally use to hold leftovers in your fridge.   I know some brands of pre-sliced lunchmeat come in rectangular shapes.     Shoe boxes work well, too.

How to make Drawer-organizers out of boxes

I used small boxes and covered them with pretty paper to organize my desk drawer.  I was really into organizing when I did this since I even made labels for what goes in each box.   How I Organize My Desk Drawer

Drawer organizing ideas

Look what Heather Bullard uses – wood boxes, china, and even a box lid.    I wish my drawers were this pretty.

The next time you get into an organizing mood, before you go out and buy something to help you with the task – look around your house first to see what you can find to get your small stuff in stylish order.  Baskets work for me; you may be surprised with what you find.




  1. Vikki says

    Thanks for all the great ideas for using baskets. You have inspired me to use baskets to organize a few of my kitchen drawers. Vikki in VA

  2. Christy Keyton says

    I love this post for three reasons:
    1. Love the idea of using square baskets- will have to hit the thrift store for those next!
    2. You are a tea lover! I am too! I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to my tea drinking addiction. And a whole drawer in my pantry of my teas…can never have too much loose tea!
    3. You are honest in admitting you put off the big projects and do the small while you procrastinate – one of my very favorite strategies!! ;-)

  3. Patricia says

    Great ideas Diane, I never give baskets at a Thrift store a second look. I will see them in a new light :)

  4. Jennifer says

    Love this post and love organizing with baskets. My mother makes handmade baskets that are just gorgeous and I have them all over my house.

  5. says

    What a great post! I LOVE organizing! These are all great ideas. Thanks for sharing. And, I love your kitchen, so sleek!

  6. Meg says

    you are a woman after my own heart :) i love opening drawers and cabinets that look beautiful like that!

  7. Sheryll & Critters. says

    You have inspired me AGAIN. And I won’t say how bad I am at procrastinating, cause I have so many things I need to repair, do over, paint, clean, organize.

    And again for right now, will have to wait while I try to mow my back yard again before it rains. (lol See what I mean?)

  8. Elizabeth H says

    I love your use of baskets. Very nice and so neat. Love your blog, I learn so much from you.

  9. says

    Your organization tips are great, I think of trying the basket idea and make a storage in my kitchen for utensils, bowls and small pans.
    My cleaners suggested the same and I will most certainly try it out when I have time to organize at home.

  10. Jena Thompson says

    I really love all the organizing ideas by incorporating baskets. I think I will try it out! I love that it’s a very easy and cheap way to become organized. You can also touch up any of the baskets by decorating them in your own styles. Thanks for the great tips!

  11. says

    And I love them all. I think I have to get more baskets ‘coz by reading this post, I got encourage to redecorate a few things in my kitchen. I also like the idea of cutting the bottom from cereal boxes :)

  12. tammy says

    Love this. I’ve always had baskets and won’t part with I know why. Love your ideas for organizing and making it look pretty.

  13. emma says

    thank you for showing that it is possible to organise your stuff with natural products, repurposed packaging and things from the thrift store. No need to go out and buy all those plastic containers at all! Lovely post.

  14. Laura says

    This is one of the most inspiring posts I’ve landed on from Pinterest in a long time! Wonderful!

  15. Linda Hopkins says

    I am Soooo happy that someone else uses the bottoms of cereal, cracker, shoe boxes etc. I have been using them for years and my family just laughs at me. Of course, I wasn’t clever enough to cover them and will get right to that. Also, in the re purposing line, I also save a few plastic “bags” that the cereal comes in. They come in handy for food storage, pack lunches, etc. Thanks again for your clever ideas.

  16. says

    Being organized but running out of baskets, so using boxes. Love the ideas, we have limited spaces, resources, so more less recycle. It takes planning, it does help much with a person who multi-task.
    Thank you for your ideas.

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