Style Scouting: Vol. 156

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

I have seen the first signs of summer’s end as the kids went back to school this week. On my morning walk it made me smile to see little kids standing on their front porches with a placard stating what grade they are entering.

So cute with their new clothes and colorful backpacks. Soon fall will be knocking on the door and I am ready to greet it with open arms. How about you?

I love summer, but I love the feel of starting fresh that September brings us. After taking the summer in the slow lane, I am eager to get back at it, but before I do, I needed to clear the clutter around my house – mostly in closets. I have taken two trips to the local thrift store as well as two trips to the town dump.

cleaning out studioffice
craft closet cleanout
piles of stuff for the thrift store

I also started on clearing out the one side of my studioffice. We are giving it a new function that I mentioned a while back. So stay tuned for more about what we are doing.

Now onto the inspiring links I found this week.


A sneak peak of the Southern Living Idea House 2023 in Leipers Fork, TN. The grand opening is in September.

Such a pretty dining room that looks so inviting.

Here are some quick and easy styling tricks and tips from one of my favorite bloggers.

I love every interior she designs.

This bright and blissful cottage.


These easy & stylish, upcycled hanging vases.

How to update wicker baskets to look like natural rattan. If you like this, then here is another way to change the color.

This DIY reclaimed console table looks better than mass made.


I loved this movie as a kid. The unique windmill house the family lived in is now for sale.


One delish way to use up some of the summer herbs growing in your garden.

When you start to decorate your home for fall, bake this in the oven to have the house smelling like fall too.

This Ina classic – so good! I make a plant-based version of it I like the recipe so much.

Fun & Interesting

I want to go to NYC just to do this. It looks like so much fun!

This clever ad may just create a selling boom for using comfy recliners when decorating a living or family room.

I know dark colors are trending in decor, but not sure I am on board with this paint color being a color for next year. What do your think?

If you have celebrated your birthday already this year, try this: Add your age and the year you were born together. It should equal 2023. It works every year as long as you have celebrated your birthday. Crazy, right? Makes you think more about the mystery of numbers.

Something to Think About

What you should never plug into a power strip.

“Be kind to yourself this evening. Buy something for yourself. Treat yourself to a meal. Look at the mirror and give a smile to yourself.” – Yoko Ono

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  1. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Hmmm. The Behr color for this year favors the color we used to get as kids when we dumped all the Easter egg dyes together thinking we would achieve something spectacular when all we got was a nondescript gray – not worthy of Easter eggs. Ha. Ha. This is one trend I would not want on my walls. But to each his own. :)

  2. I absolutely would not buy a home painted in those dark depressing colors.
    I love all the sites you have scouted out for us – I copied the orange rosemary recipe as I will make that.
    I especially liked the post on changing the color of wicker/rattan baskets. I have a big nicely shaped wood basket that is a dark brownish color and I want to see it go white. After reading the site you gave the link to I found your article for a driftwood look and I am so ready to that.
    Your newsletter every Sunday is my morning routine and is very much appreciated.

  3. sheri silver says:

    Thank you as ALWAYS Diane! :)

  4. I always leave your post for last because I look at every referral you make, then I get caught up on their post, then come back to yours. I think you have the best Sunday post. I love it

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Heather – XO. Your comment is the best thing a blogger can ever hear. :-). Thanks for taking the time to tell me. I do enjoy putting my Style Scouting post together.

  5. Pumpkin bread/cake…yum!
    The paint color would be ok for trim or an accent wall but I wouldn’t want an entire room painted that color. I do like the name!
    Looking forward to your studioffice reveal.

  6. So many great decor ideas to think about, I’m definitely ready for fall. We’ve had the worst wildfires in Canada this summer & I’m looking forward to colder temperatures & hopefully a rainy autumn & long winter.

  7. lots of fun reads … several I clipped and sent to my sis to enjoy! I’m almost ready to start thinking about fall decorating. And pumpkin smoothies.

  8. Definitely think the Behr color of the year will probably get painted over within a year of using it as an interior color.
    I could see it as an accent color for bookcases in a blue or white room but definitely would
    not want it in an entire room
    unless I was a night shift worker and slept during the day….then I could see someone using it in a bedroom.