Style Scouting: Vol. 22

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Hello dear readers –

How can it be Sunday again? But it is… and already the middle of November.

Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? It will be here soon, like in 11 days!

In my house, it is going to be very low key this year. Only 5 of us, but the best part – that number includes my granddaugher, Zoe. I can’t wait!

She is growing so fast! Just yesterday, she realized her ponytail sprout is just like the little girl on the cover of her book. :-)

I printed this out to play with Zoe on Thanksgiving.

Do you do anything special with your kids or grandkids on Thanksgiving? Games, crafts, cooking? If you do, please share in the comments.

We will serve our family favorites for T-day dinner and I will set the table using these placemats I made.

This week on the blog I shared how you can add cozy to your home in a simple way you may not have thought of, plus how to store your candle lighting matches in a stylish way.

Coming up this week I will be sharing ideas to help you celebrate Thanksgiving in style, something plaid and what I made to decorate my foyer for Christmas – which is drying right now and came out better than I imagined. I am very excited to show you.

Now onto the inspiring links I came across this week. Enjoy!

These aren’t edible, but they sure are decorative all lined up.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, this is very helpful.

This feel good Thanksgiving video made me smile – the visuals are so creative – make sure to look closely.

If you love pom-poms this is a DIY for you.

I LOVE everything about this home. The doorway arches are so unique.

This fake Christmas greenery wreath.… such a good price!

What I miss about the library. Mine recently opened back up which made me very happy.

Whipped cream on top, yes please – No-Bake Pumpkin Pie. And another no-bake Thanksgiving treat.

How to keep lettuce fresh in the fridge.

A clever and easy Christmas tree to make.

This is my favorite throw of all time. I have it in the color Ivory. It is 30% off and worth every penny. It stays soft even after washing. So cozy!

That’s it for this week. :-) See you on Tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Great blog and was useful.
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  2. Zoe is a doll! Love that classic updo on her! Enjoyed your links, especially the Ben Rector Thanksgiving video.

  3. Zoe is a doll! I remember my girls and those cute little sprouts of hair! Wishing you and your family and beautiful Thanksgiving.

  4. Deb Wostmann says:

    What a cutie Zoe is. Also loved the links especially the pom pom garland. Our grandchildren won’t be able to be with us this year since we don’t want them to risk traveling. Big sigh…….. We play games with our family after dinner, but not just any games. My husband cooks up a treasure hunt and an amazing race type of game with electronic helicopters. Of course small prizes are given which the kids love. When we began the tradition we started with Bingo which was great for any age and progressed as the grandkids got older.

    Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. Happy thanksgiving. Love your blog and your cute granddaughter.

  6. I love the big Pom Pom garland ?
    Zoe is such a cutie…. I’m so happy that you’ll get to be together for the holiday!!
    As a child, we would go out on walks while the turkey was cooking and gather pretty leaves, pods or whatever we thought was pretty and bring it home to help decorate It was fun to walk around the neighborhood with my cousins and see what we could find. Such special memories ♥️

    1. Loved the photo of Zoe with her one hand on her hair and the other hand holding her book. Also, will share the creative Thanksgiving video. Really enjoy reading your blog with all that you offer.

      1. Thank you Marie – With the Covid news I am not sure my little Zoe will be coming for Thanksgiving. We will have to wait and see. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to leave me such a nice comment. XO

  7. Great post, so many good links. The no bake pumpkin pie sounds great for this Thanksgiving. I especially appreciated the link to the Thanksgiving song, I plan to share it with everyone, touching and uplifting.