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Wire & Cord Management Idea

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There is something missing around my desk.


Look a little closer – can you see what is missing?


I did a little cord management yesterday. All the needed, but pesky cords and wires that go to my lamps, computer, and chargers – GONE!


I have been meaning to corral and manage all the cords since moving my desk to the middle of the room over a year ago. I finally had enough of the unsightly mess and took control.

Under-Desk-Cord-Managment and Organizing Idea

I gathered up the needed supplies – most of it is from the dollar store – so it is not an expensive system – nor is it perfect, but it does help keep the cords organized, electrical outlet easily accessed, and the wires out of sight as much as possible. *Check out another way I have hidden unsightly cords.


supplies needed:

  • Wire basket – I found mine at The Dollar Store
  • Outlet strip
  • Extension cord
  • Cable ties
  • 4 – 6 cup hooks
  • Clear cord organizing clips – 4 flat damage-free cord clips and 2 organizer clips from Command Brand
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire Mold cord protector – home improvement store
Note:  Whenever working with electrical cords, please keep in mind safety at all times.   Running a cord under a rug or over a rug could be a tripping and or fire hazard.


The wire basket is going to hold the power strip and be hung upside down under the desk using cup hooks.  It could also be hung on a wall.

1. Using wire cutters, cut one of the corner pieces of wire off the basket. This will allow you to thread the plugs into the side of the basket.


2. Once the outlet strip is in, tie it down on both ends to the bottom wire on the basket using cable ties.


3. If needed, attach the power strip to an extension cord. I have an outlet on the floor under my desk that Ed put in for my many years ago. Best invention ever – floor outlets!   To keep the cord from getting damaged under the rug, cut a piece of rubber cord protector to the size needed and thread the cord into it. Make sure it is flat.


4. Cover the protected cord with the rug.


5. Attach the basket with the power strip under the desk using a cup hook at each corner. The power strip outlets should be facing down.


6. Attach clear cord organizers to the side leg of the desk. They open and close like a barrette.


7. Run the floor power cord up through the clips. I used two on the leg.


8. For the lamps on top of my desk, I used 4 flat cord clips.


9. I attached them along the front lip of my desk and then ran the cords through.

Gotta see this idea to tackle all the cords in the office

10.  Once I had all the cords clipped, I brought the excess under the desk and wove each through the basket and then used another cable tie to secure.  I left enough cord excess to plug in each item into the power strip.  For my large laptop cord with the bulky box, I screwed in 2 cup hooks about 6-inches apart on the under side of the desk to hold it out of sight. When I take my laptop away from my desk, which I do a lot. I can simply grab the tied up cord and unplug it.


It may not be perfect cord management, but it sure does look neat and tidy.  No more dangling cords and cords on the floor.


Trax the cat is not too happy with the new arrangement. The cords were like his own private amusement park.  I will have to buy him something a little safer to keep him occupied.

I am working on a big project this weekend. I hope I can get it finished, so that I can show you on Monday. I think you are going to like it! *Update: Here is the big Rolling Door Reveal.

Happy Weekend!

*For more cord hiding techniques check out my post on How to Hide Cords on a Wall Mounted TV here and here.  You can also see how I hid the cord for a chandelier.



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  1. This is a great idea, Diane, and it does look so much better. If only I could work out something like that for our office, we have 2 desks and jumbles of cords. I’ve pinned to hopefully figure something out. Thanks!
    Debbie :)