Studioffice: Craft Room Tour

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Angie over at The Country Chic Cottage is hosting craft room tours this week.   Mine is on the tour today along with many others.

Ihave posted about my craft room before but realized I don’t have a full tour of it – I have a lot of posts scattered throughout my blog, but not one that shows the space in a stand alone post since I made all the updates.

I dubbed the room my studioffice because the room has two functions. I do all of my work in the room – creative and business.


This is the office side.


 This is the creative studio side.


On the house plans it was labeled “Formal Living Room”. I took it over the day we moved in 20 years ago and have been tweaking it ever since.


Lots of hand-me-downs and curbside finds transformed to help me get a day’s work done.

DIY Rolling Door Tutorial for Bifold doors

When it gets messy – which is 99% of the time – I can close the Rolling bi-fold doors.

The room has evolved a lot.

If you would like to see how it looked when I first started blogging you can find the posts about how I made a partner’s desk,  the work table,  vintage file cabinet,  Desk Makeover,  and desk drawer organizers.

Desk organizing ideas



I recently added two IKEA Antonius wire drawer units on either side of my work table.  They hold the supplies I use most often and that don’t fit into my crafts cabinet.



I found number cards in the wedding aisle at Michaels. I tied them on the each drawer with ribbon to add a little bit of style to the drawers.


I cut plywood to size to create a table top for each of the IKEA drawer units.


This is not the ideal way to store craft paint, but I make sure the caps are on tight. I like that I can see every color at a glance. I eventually would like to have them lined up on the wall on narrow shelfs.


I store glitter and all my DIY chalk paint supplies in the other drawers.


My newest addition – cardboard box scrapbook paper organizers


To see how I organize the rest of my craft supplies you can take the tour of My Crafts Cabinet Up Close and Personal


For more craft room organizing how to’s:  Click on these links to read how I created the hanging Giftwrap Organizer , Tool Organizer, and my fave – DIY Blogger’s Photo Studio



Thanks for taking the tour. If you would like to see more blogger’s craft rooms, just click the button below to be taken to Angie’s blog to follow the tour.

Craft Rooms Tours


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  1. Hi Diane, I just found this tour of your “studioffice” and I must tell you that I love it! I love that it is bright, clean and organized. I also love the feminine flourishes (curves on the desk; pink peonies in a crystal vase.) It must bring you joy to exercise your creativity in such a beautiful room! I have an art/craft room that is sadly in need of a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What an inspiration you are. I love all your ideas and projects. can’t wait to try some of the organization ideas

  3. Hi! I hope all is well! I found the Antonius Frame and wire baskets from Ikea but I see you did some upgrading on it…. How did you do that? I know it is probably super simple but what materials did you use? Where’d you get them? Stuff like that. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Taylor – I added cut pieces of plywood to create a top for each unit. The numbers on each drawer I bought at Michaels. They are wedding table number cards. I punched a hole in each and tied them to the wire drawers with ribbon.

  4. greetings!

    just popped over here via pinterest links. am thinking of re-doing my studio and am loving all of your pretty ideas!


  5. LOVE YOUR WORK AREAS! Just to share an idea, I used an old tri-mirror medicine cabinet for craft paints. It really holds tons of paint so you can see them all lined up!

    1. Thanks Jessica – Having a room of my own to devote to my passion and work is the best decorating decision I ever made. If I move I will be creating one again. XO

  6. Hi Diane,
    As always, it’s exciting to watch your latest transformations. I just noticed the rug in your Studioffice. It looks like a cotton trimmed sisal or jute and it is the color my daughter needs for her new apartment. Do you remember where you got it and the color name? There are so many light browns, khakis, and beiges and the pictures online are not always the color you get. Any information you can provide will be appreciated!

    1. Hi Beth – The rug is from IKEA. It was way under $100, too! It is a 5 x 7. I bought it last summer. It no longer has the tag underneath so I could see what the color is, I ripped it off since it was always coming out from under the rug. It is not in the IKEA catalog or online, it is one of the items that you have to go to the store to find and buy. If you can find it at IKEA check – they always seem to have good deals on sisal and woven rugs. Have fun helping your daughter decorate her apartment.

  7. Also, I am thinking that many of us would love to know all the paint color names you have used… I remember when you painted it last, but I have forgotten the color names myself. And that is what I love about your rooms, is the way you can put subtle pale colors together to make the room bright, but also soothing and just enough color to make it warm and inviting as well.

  8. You already know that there is not one tiny space of yours that I don’t wish I had or could copy.

    It is just perfect. But I know you will come up with even more perfection to this and all your rooms.

  9. love it! so classic yet fun! love the pops of color everywhere! what a creative space to feel inspired. just love it and will study it more closely and see how i can add some of your style in my own place! Love the sisal/sea grass rug with the nice neutral canvas trim- can you share where you got it? I am thinking about getting one but only see those with a khaki border and even tho that color may stay cleaner, I love the lighter trim you have. Nothing a can of scotch guard won’t help- I hope. Please share where you got it and how it holds up…What a great space/i am jealous!

  10. This is such a great space, Diane! A dream space! : ) You’ve done such a great job decorating it and I love the colors you’ve added in. I would be happy just walking into this space. Love the rolling bi-fold door/screen to hide any mess. So many great ideas here!

  11. Hi Diane,
    OMG what a sensational studio office. I have seen other posts/ pics of this space previously. You have a real “Aladdin’s cave”.
    Thanks for sharing you are such an inspiration.
    Congratulations on your Better Homes and Gardens Win!
    Kind regards
    At Home Vintage

  12. i see how your imagination runs clearly.. your room looks soooo perfect and organized. i’m sure your creative juices continue to flow while your there.