DIY: Basket Christmas Tree Skirt

Remember this huge basket I found at the thrift store a few months ago?


I had you try to guess what I was going to do with it.

Well – it is finally time to show you.

How to turn a basket into a Christmas Tree skirt


I transformed it into a basket Christmas tree skirt.

I have always wanted a basket skirt, but they can be pricey and it was not a necessity, so I did without.


Until I saw the big basket at the thrift store for a whopping $6.90, I was beyond excited.

I could not use it as is – it needed a few tweaks, but nothing a hack saw, wire cutters, and some stain couldn’t take care of.

How to Transform a Big Basket into a Christmas Tree Skirt

supplies needed:

  • large basket – with or without a handle
  • hack saw
  • wire cutters

Optional:  Rustoleum Weathered Grey stain and a paint brush


1. Use a hack saw to remove the handle.   After handle is removed, remove any small reeds that were used to hold the handle in.  They will slip right out.


2.  My tree stand is wide, so I needed to flip the basket upside down so the wider section of the basket was at the bottom.


3.  To remove the bottom of the basket, look for the area where the smaller weave ends. This is where you want to cut.  Use wire cutters to cut the reeds that connect to the basket’s side.  Make sure you are not cutting the side  horizontal reeds – you only want to cut the vertical reeds.


4.  Carefully remove the bottom.  It will look like this.


5. Use the wire cutters to trim any rough reeds that may be sticking out along the top edge.


6.  You could leave your basket the color it is, but I wanted my basket to look a bit weathered. I used Rustoleum Weathered Gray stain. I applied it with a brush and then quickly wiped it away to expose some of the original color.  Let dry.


7.  Place on floor around tree stand, then place your tree in the stand. I always place plastic under my stand just to make sure no water gets on the floor.  I bring the ends of it up and around the stand.   You don’t see it when it is in the basket.

How to turn a basket into a Christmas Tree skirt

Now I have to get the tree decorated this week.  Will show you that soon.

How to make a basket Christmas Tree Skirt





    • says

      Hi Debbie – Thanks XO Both my daughters were home over the weekend and we went to pick out the tree on Friday. It usually takes us awhile since we all like different trees, but we saw this one right away and brought it home. It is one of the best shaped trees we have ever gotten. It is from Corkum Tree Farm in Creamery, PA

    • says

      Thanks Barbara – I love to create. Having worked in retail display for years with no budget and super creative types helped hone my skills to be resourceful and look at everything with new eyes.

  1. Stephanie Hobson says

    This really is genius. I love the natural look of the basket, and yes, your tree is perfect!

  2. Laura Ontiveros says

    Lovely!!…You always gets great ideas. The weathered stain makes it perfect. I has been waiting to see what was going to happen to that basket now I can”t wait to see the the Christmas tree all decorated.
    Best regards.

  3. Patti says

    What a great idea. I have never seen this before. That’s why I keep coming back to your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ellen says

    Looks fantastic! Wonderful & decorative idea. How do you get water in the pan without making a mess though? You can’t see where you are pouring.

    • says

      Hi Ellen – For years I have found the easiest method for getting water into the tree stand is to use a squirt bottle that dish detergent comes in. It keeps the water in a contained stream and does not get all over the place. Every year I find the least dense section of tree and put the bottle through that and then squirt the water into the water well of the stand. If it is drinking up a lot of water, I do need to refill the bottle a few times.

  5. Ruth Anne says

    I’ve never seen a basket tree skirt before and just love this one! Thanks for all your very creative ideas and thanks for the great pictures showing how you made it.

  6. Faye says

    I love this! The wicker suggests a woodland theme to me, but it is a cleaner
    finish than the “fussier” skirts I’ve used before. Now to find a large basket…

  7. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Are you a total genius or what? You ARE a total genius!!! I would have never thought of taking the bottom off, much less had the nerve or know how. I might have taken the handle off, but the bottom….. how very smart you are.

    Amazing!!! And ever so gorgeous!

  8. Denise says

    Love this! I love how your creative mind works! You should write a book on how to tap into your inner creativity. Our consumer culture tells us that we have to go out and buy, brand new, whatever the stores are pushing this season. So many people have never been taught or challenged to be creative. Thanks you for ALL of your awesome ideas over the years Diane. You are simply the absolute QUEEN of Creativity!!!

    • says

      Hi Denise – Thanks XO I would like to write a book or produce some sort of magazine about creating. That is my goal for 2014. I am still swirling ideas for it around in my mind. I do enjoy transforming and giving old things new life. Buying new is fun, but does not give me the same pleasure as making something unique or completely making it mine. :) Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and holiday season.

  9. says

    I love this idea. Now I have got to go out hunting for a basket like that, because I love how it looks as a tree stand.
    Thanks for linking up to my 12 days linky party.

  10. says

    Great work! Wouldn’t have guessed the basket would be used for that haha! I’m going to look into doing this next year cause the tree skirt we have right now just seems to take up so much room but the basket makes it look roomier!

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Chris says

    I love this idea! I even have a willow basket almost exactly like yours that keeps floating around the house. Now it will get a special purpose! Also, I love your decorating and tutorials! You have an incredible talent for decorating!

  12. Melissa says

    What’s the diameter of your tree stand? Just want to make sure I get a big enough basket…

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