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Bloggers’ Favorite Room Tours

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Before I shut down my computer to head into the Labor Day weekend, I am taking part in the Favorite Room Edition of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours that has been going on all week.favorite-room-edition-graphic

If you are coming from Eleven Gables -Welcome to my blog.

If you are a long time reader then you know what this blogger’s favorite room is.  It is my Studioffice.  I gave it the name since it is half office and half creative studio where I make many of the projects I post about.


I love this room the most because it is a “room of my own”.  As a child, I never had my own room. I shared one with my sisters. In college I always had a roommate and then when Ed and I got married we shared our bedroom. My studioffice is the only room I have ever had which is my very own. It is my personal domain that I can organize and decorate exactly the way I want.

When we moved into our house  20+ years ago, the room on the builder’s plan was labeled “Living Room”. We did not need a formal living room since there was a Family Room right next to it…. so I claimed it!  It has gone through many changes in 20 years, but I love the way it has transformed along with my needs.

The room has been featured in a few magazines – most recently in Working Mother Magazine.

Desk-drawer-organizing-ideas using a type face book

One of my absolute favorite parts of the room is my desk drawer. I took out all of the organizers I made to show you how I lined it.


I lined the drawer with book pages from a typesetting book I found at my local thrift store.  I made the drawer organizers with small boxes, scrapbook paper, and a label maker.

How to make desk organizers

You can find the tutorial on how I made them in this post.


I found the desk on the side of the road – really I did, a block away from my house. I painted it with a super high gloss white paint.

Before I brought this desk home,  the room had a partners desk we made. It was fine for many years, but when I started blogging, I had to rethink how to organize the room.


My old posts dating back a few years show how the room used to look, but the photo above shows how it looks now.


The desk is in the center of the room with my crafts cabinet behind it.


I have an IKEA Billy Bookcase on either side of the crafts cabinet. I added the pattern to the back using sheets and cardboard.


In front of my desk is what I call the “Creative Wall”.  It is the place I get quite a lot done.


Since the room is usually in a state of disarray, I created a rolling door for the doorway between the family room to hide the mess.   I found the doors at my local Habitat for Humanity store for a few dollars a piece.


On the wall between the windows is the piece that got me into the Better Homes & Garden March Madness Challenge that I won.  It is two separate pieces of furniture that I placed together to make into one new piece.

I also have a sewing machine and metal file cabinet in the room. If you would like to see more details of the room with links on how to complete the ideas and projects, check out my Studioffice Tour Posts:

Craft Room Tour | Home Tour | Crafts Cabinet Up Close & Personal

Old Studioffice posts:  One & Two

To continue on the tour:  Click here to head over to Bliss At Home  You can also follow the hashtag: #bloggerstylinhometours

Enjoy the rest of the tour and the Labor Day weekend.

I will be back next week all ready to share many new projects I have been working on. XO


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  1. I just came across this post on Pinterest.
    I absolutely love how you organized your desk!

  2. I am late to the game, but I just saw this on Pinterest. I love this room. I’m in the middle of doing my office/craft room and this is going on my inspiration board. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The piece between your windows, made out of two objects, I love that! What did you use to make it? I looks like a small bookcase on top but I’m not sure what the bottom piece is.

  4. I am in love with your room! I love the white furniture with all of the bright colors. The very first thing that caught my eye was all the colored pens in holders. So many details, so much organization. And it seems so lived in and comfortable. Fabulous space!!

    1. Thanks Nikki – You sound like a stationery supply lover like me. I can never have enough pens, pencils, and pretty paper around. I find them all so inspiring.

  5. where did you get that desk!? I have been looking for one similar for work! It is gorgeous!

  6. No wonder this is your favorite room, it would be my favorite too. I love everything in this room from the lighting to the furniture, down to the way you have everything so nicely organized. Since it is your very own space, you know that you can keep it organized in a way that works for you without others mixing it up. As a side note, the fact that you have your desk in the center of the room is perfect, because too many people are afraid to do that, they are so used to having it pushed up against the wall. This desk setup gives you room to breathe.

    1. Hi Cassie – Thanks – It has taken me years of trial and error to get my space right and to the level of organization it is now. I am forever tweaking it since I spend so much time in the space. XO

  7. I love it! The colors, the white, the organization, and natural light! Wow! My studio/office needs some help and my Billy bookcase looks nothing like yours – lol! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I had to make a conscientious decision not to spend more than 10 minutes here first thing this morning so I’d get a few things done. I knew I could easily get lost for hours taking in all the details because I have done it before on your blog. I easily understand why the studio/office is your favorite room. It’s amazing. The white background with those vibrant pops of color and all of the natural light streaming in makes it irresistible. I would never leave this room. Where in your home do you do your reading? I will be “borrowing” many of the ideas you’ve shown in this room and using them in my own office, when I decide which room I want to use, which is driving me crazy! It’s going to be either the dining room which we use about 4-5 times a year or a spare bedroom which we use about the same amount of time and can transfer downstairs. Pros and cons to each and I canNOT decide. Right now the office is in the dining room and my crafts/wrapping in the BR. In the meantime I can do things to some furniture you’ve done and hope it just comes to me.

  9. Diane, I have to tell you; your studioffice is one of my absolute FAVOURITE rooms of any blogger. I totally love it! No matter how much of a creative dry spell I may be having, I am always inspired by this room to get cracking with my own multi-functional space. Have a fabulous weekend. Sue x

  10. I remember you redoing this wonderful room, even when you were picking the paint. I remember when you made the faux transom too. Well, you must know my all time favorite is because of the dresser and the gallery 3 D Mirror wall above it………. Yes your guest room.

  11. I’m at a lose for words. Your studioffice is lovely. You have obviously devoted hours of work and love to it, and it shows. I especially love the way you’ve labeled almost everything so there’s mistaking what goes where. I’ve just re-read what I’ve written here and there’s nothing else to say except L.O.V.E this room!

  12. I wanna be you!!
    You are THE most creative, organized, fabulous person ever!!!!

    1. Hi Beth – I used to design what I wanted my own bedroom to look like when I was growing up. I drew and painted them with watercolors. I wish I still had some of them so I could frame and hang them in my office. XO

  13. Oh my goodness I’m drooling over your Studioffice! I just finished mine and this is definitely making me rethink some elements :) So many great details! Lovely tour!