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Clock Wreath & Free Printables

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How to make a Christmas Clock Wreath with Free Printable Roman Numeral Clock Faces

Tick… Tock… tick…tock…

The Countdown to Christmas is ticking down.


It’s time… time to think about all things Christmas.  The decorating, the food, the music. The most wonderful time of the year is here.

When I was trying to decide how to decorate my dining room this year – I knew I wanted to use a green, black, and white color scheme. I also wanted to keep it simple and not use a tree in the corner like I did last year. I have a white folding screen in the corner year round, but the space needed something festive.


I found that something in the way of my collection of white clock faces with Roman numerals and a Grand Fir clear lit wreath from Tree Classics.


The wreath comes pre-lit with clear white lights. So many Christmas lights are LED now, but I don’t like the cool blue white the emit. I go for the clear white ones even if it means I have to plug the lights in. The light adds a warm glow to the room.

My siblings and their families all come to my house on Christmas day.  When the sun goes down and we sit down to dinner, having a lit wreath will add that magically festive Christmas feeling to the room without having to decorate an entire tree.


I thought I would place one of my larger clock faces in the center of the wreath, but it was too small.  It is times like this that I love my computer, photo editing software, and printer.

I scanned both a white clock face and an antique white one into my computer. I found an image of black clock hands and added them to the clock faces and printed them on white card stock to the width of 8-1/2″ x 11″.


I cut them out and placed each in the center of the wreath to see what color I liked better. I liked both, but the white looked a bit more crisp so I went with it to create this clock wreath.

The wreath still needed something so I went to my Christmas decor bins to see what I could find.  I found a bag of fake snow and sprinkled it all over the wreath. I think I may add more.  I bought the flakes at the crafts store.  A big bag costs about $3.00.


I hung the Tree Classics wreath with florist wire attached to a thumb tack on the top of the folding screen. The green ribbon is looped around the wreath and held into place with a second tack.

Making the bow is pretty easy when you use one long piece of wire-edged ribbon. Here is a post on how I made the bow:  How to Make a Ribbon Bow

I found the ribbon at Michaels. I used it to hang our Christmas Stockings in my foyer.

Free Printable Roman Numeral Clock Faces for Decorating & Crafting


I am hosting my family for Thanksgiving, too.  Since we only use the room to dine in for Thanksgiving and Christmas having the wreath in place will add a little holiday magic to the room early. I don’t think anyone will complain.


Click here to download:  White faced clock with Roman numerals Click here to download: Antique White clock face with black Roman numerals


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  1. Genius. I’m a clock fan too. Trying to decide if I want it to be 5:25 or 6:35? I’m going to download the printable and e-mail it to UPS to print off on card stock for me. I’m a doofus as well when it comes to bow making, so yes, please do tell how to make pretty bows (for any occasion)!

  2. Diane, another brilliant Christmas idea! Putting a very traditional clock face in a wreath makes a real WOW statement. And thanks for giving us the printable. This is one Christmas DIY that is a must try!

  3. Would love to see the bow making instructions as well. I am a bow-making doofus! I love that you used your computer to scan the clock face and make it larger. It looks so realistic that I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the real thing.

  4. I love collecting clocks but never image to combine the clock with the wreath.
    Great look and great idea.
    Thanks for sharing,