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It’s Friday and that means here on the blog you will always find something a little different then my usual DIY project-oriented post with a tutorial.

On Fridays I like to mix things up and share favorite things, items I find interesting, other bloggers’ posts and offer you a giveaway from time to time.

That is what I have for you today… a giveaway.

White Cottage Book By Liz Marie Galvan

A few weeks ago, I was sent an advance copy of blogger Liz Marie Galvan’s decorating book, Cozy White Cottage – 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home.

I receive a lot of books. If I don’t find them inspirational and filled with ideas, I don’t post about them.

But when I really like a book, as I do this one, I share it with you. Cozy White Cottage is by far my favorite decorating book that has come across my desk in a long time.

Liz Marie Galvan and son in her home

My personal decorating style is not like Liz Marie’s, but I loved every page of this book. It is not a technical how to decorate a home book, but one about decorating in style, which Liz Marie does so well. She knows her personal style and lives and breathes it every day.

Chapter in book about decorating the kitchen

The book is filled with so many great ideas, personal stories, her best decorating tips, budget-friendly tips, and project how-to’s for adding comfort and warmth to every room in your house. Her book will make your whole life cozy.

Page open in book titled, Cozy White Cottage about window seat.

Whether you live in a fixer-upper farmhouse, a modern urban apartment, rented townhouse, or suburban home you will be able to implement Liz’s ideas and tips into your home using your own personal style.

This is what I loved about the book so much. Her ideas can be implemented in any style of decor, not just hers.

Page in Cozy White Cottage opened to page about decorating with candles

My favorite tip in the book is No. 49 – Stay In Your Season. But all 100 ideas, projects, and tips will inspire you to make the most of every room in your house so you love the feeling of being home.

terra cotta pots on shelf

The book was just published this week. You can find out more about it here: Cozy White Cottage

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  1. My favorite room to decorate is our family room. Living in the Northeast, we spend many months cooped up inside, so I love to keep things inviting and cozy!

  2. Thank you, Diane! I have sent you my address via email. I printed off your Apple Cannonball recipe and plan to make it this coming week. It sounds delicious!
    Best, Dotti

  3. Hi Diane! What a fun giveaway! My living room is my coziest and favorite room. It’s where the fireplace and all the cozy throw blankets are!

  4. My cosiest place at the moment is my bedroom, l have downsized to a small one bedroom unit and it is sunny and it is the first time in my life that l am able to decorate without thinking of another person . This is mixed emotions , a lot of sadness but when l see what l am doing it brings me joy! I am incorporating a little reading nook , the perfect place to ponder on how to decorate the rest of my home and this magazine would be a fantastic start. Thank you .

  5. My coziest room is my dining room which is overlooking the kitchen. It is the center of the house.

  6. Hi, Diane! This book looks scrumptious! The kind I would curl up in a chair with and sip hot tea until I read it cover to cover! Or in my bedroom, my favorite place to steal away to find quiet time. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  7. Oh, trying to put a toddler down for the night and I left off my favorite room, My bedroom is my favorite place; quiet cozy and noise free!

  8. I love my bedroom. My husband and I picked out everything in it ourselves. It is a room that we can both be comfortable in and reflects the things we like.

  9. Everyone that reads my post will think I’m losing my mind lol but the garage is my favorite room of my home. This is the “room” that I’ve used to do at least 85% of my DIYing. I would love to get my hands on her book. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  10. I love our living room – a fire in the the fireplace, soft blankets and large fluffy pillows on the couches, and spending time with family, especially our little grandson!

  11. After many years, I finally have my dream kitchen. I love to cook and bake. It’s so much easier now in my large kitchen with lots of white cabinets and a cozy nook with lots of windows. It’s my favorite room without a doubt.

  12. In the cold season my bedroom feels the coziest! I can turn on a small heater & snuggle in my armchair under a comforter while binge watching a whole season of fav tv shows. If I fall asleep no harm done!!!

  13. I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time and enjoy how you take an ordinary thing and create something fantastic. I also love to DIY things and I have a running list in my head of what I want to do next. Thank you for sharing your creative talent which often inspires me.
    The room in my house that feels the coziest is my bedroom. There are lots of pillows on the bed and soft throws that create this cozy feeling. My bedroom has lots of windows which I love during the day because you can see all the plantings in the side garden with a cozy seating area inspired by french outdoor spaces. Off the deck there is a couch with pillows and several potted plants. In the evening when I close the curtains to these outside spaces it feels very cozy and peaceful. My bedroom has hardwood floors and a rug under the King-sized bed helps give warmth and texture to the clean hard surface of the floors.

  14. Which room in your house do you love being in the most or which room feels the coziest? Oddly enough, my office/library. All my books (well, most of them); my computer, many of my craft items, my boxes of things such as tear sheets from mags I like, boxes of colored paper, travel inspiration, etc., all neatly (so called) labelled and enjoyed. And of course the bird feeder outside the window and the cat sitting on the edge of the desk watching same.

  15. My living room is my coziest room. I love fall when I can change out my curtains and move things around. We have a lovely fireplace and a very large picture window. They are opposite each other. In the fall and winter I move my love seat in front of the window so we can face the fireplace. So enjoyable to have a fire going and reading a book, with some hot chocolate on the side table. For spring and summer I move things around again so the windows in that big picture window are unobstructed to let the beautiful breezes into the house. Over the last 25 years we have taken care of my mother. I am in the house I grew up in and I always felt I couldn’t remove her things. She passed away 2 years ago, but at that time our little maltipoo developed diabetes and was blind. So once again I couldn’t move things around or my poor little Callie would have a hard time maneuvering in the house. Unfortunately, a week ago we had to put her down. She had incontinence issues and we are pulling up or throwing out rugs that were ruined. All of a sudden I have no one to worry about but me. And I can’t wait to rearrange things and buy things to replace old items. Liz’s book looks fascinating and I’m sure it could give me a good direction to go in changing things up. Sorry this is a long post. This is the first time I’ve actually realized all this and just had to get it out of my system. I hope everyone has a fabulous fall. Thank you, Sharon

  16. Enjoying your post — always do. This books looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Our master bedroom is the coziest. We are getting ready for a makeover and I can use some tips and ideas!

  18. In my home, the room that feels coziest to me is the family/dining room during the autumn. After the torturous summer heat here in south Alabama, I always look forward to the time I can finally put out the fall decorations (even if the heat is still with us as it is this year). The shades of orange, rust, and gold; the tiny orange fairy lights entwined with autumn leaf garland on the mantel; the harvest spice aroma that I’ve been saving for the diffuser…. and family all gathered to watch college football on Saturdays! All these things combine to give me feelings of comfort and warmth and family.

  19. Hi Diane,  Right now, I’m loving my “dining room.”  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I was tired of looking at my hutch and breakfront, and realized I hadn’t changed it up in quite a while.  So I cleared it, then pulled down a green jadeite cake stand, stacked some dark green plates on top and some jadeite cups to the side on a dark wicker tray and put a pretty pink and green floral-rimmed platter behind it..  To one side I have another stack of dark green dishes with a vintage folding tiered tray (a yard sale find from the summer) on top.  To the other, I have my wooden Kenyan tea box with a spider plant on top.  Last week, I added a little white pumpkin on the top of the stacked dishes in the center, and some beautiful white Pampas grass plumes from my favorite farm stand in a wicker-covered bottle.  My desk faces the dining room, so every time I look in there, it makes me smile.  Thanks for the give away.  I hope you’re enjoying your Fall!

  20. The living room in my house is the coziest room. I switch out my pillows and throws with the seasons. No matter the season, it makes me happy to walk into this room.

  21. Hi Diane,

    and thank you for having a giveaway. The coziest room in our home is the great room. We can hang out in it and look at the fireplace, watch the birds feed, interact with whomever is prepping the meal in the kitchen and watch TV. It’s the best gathering place in our home for family.

  22. I like my bedroom best of all. It is painted in a soft, barely there tan and I have touches of delft blue in bedding and decor pieces. It is just a calming space to relax in. This book sounds wonderful for more inspiration!

  23. I am thinking about re painting my home is shades of white and cream. This book sounds like a wonderful resource for inspiration

  24. My favorite room in recent years has become my sewing/guest bedroom. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to sewing, and I’ve found a passion for it, even if I still have lots to learn. The room gets lots of light being on the south side and is painted light blue. It has become my happy place, where I enjoy spending many hours, even if it’s just to sit and plan the next project.

  25. Hello, my favorite room is my bedroom. It’s soft and comfy and quiet. We downsized a few years ago and are now empty nesters, so it’s my refuge. All the colors are neutrals and I love to read and relax in the soft pillows.
    On a separate note, I found your site searching for directions on how to make a table skirt. I made a lovely gathered skirt for my daughter’s classroom table. It turned our so beautiful and I appreciate your guidance. Many thanks, ~Cathy. :)

  26. The room I really love to be in would be my craft room. I scrapbook and I love looking at pictures and taking trips down memory lane :)

  27. I love our living room–the couch and chair there are where I read books in the evening, with other members of my family nearby (along with our cat), chatting, watching TV, or reading something else. Thanks for this giveaway!

  28. We recently revamped our lower level (we’re still putting the finishing touches on it) but already it feels so good & cozy to be down there! Liz’s book looks beautiful! Thank you! ?

  29. The room in my home that I find the coziest varies by season. In the spring and summer I enjoy our living room the most as it has a large window to let in dancing sunlight and varied shadows as the days progress and offers serene views of the plantings in our yard ….particularly the weeping cherry tree that was a Mother’s Day gift many year ago. But in the fall and winter I find our family room to be the coziest as it has our large fireplace that offers a place to curl up and relax and chat with family in front of a crackling fire as the temperatures outside dip.

  30. The room I love the most and that feels the coziest is our dining room. The furniture is darker than is my normal instinct, and I was unsure at first, but I have come to love it! The rustic nature of the furniture combined with light colors and a huge silver mirror behind a variety of candlesticks to reflect light make this room warm and comfy. In the fall I add greenery and pumpkins. There is also a very modern silver wine rack from floor to ceiling, which contrasts with an.old-school looking wine opener on a wine barrel tray. Filled with cozy ambience and the memories of friends, family, good food and conversation and games, coffee by candlelight with my hubby before the day breaks- I could live in this room!

  31. Love being in my living room. Wonderful view of the lake and park with lots of trees. Great place to read a good book with lots of light coming through big windows. It is a joy!

  32. I enjoy my living room because I recently got new furniture and a beautiful new fall pillow and comfy throw !!
    Love your blog which I am new to

  33. Our TV room is the coziest room. It’s where we spend a lot of our time together.I enjoy changing out the accessories; fresh flowers, or cozy blankets and seasonal throw pillows. I enjoy reading your posts and an always gleaming new ways to think about decorating and making my house feel like home.

  34. We are moving to a new house soon and I think my new favorite room is going to be the sunroom. I would love to have some ideas about how to decorate in our new space. Thank you for introducing this book on your blog and for all your great ideas!

  35. My favorite room in our home is my living room. Neutral colors that I’ve added texture, seasonal pillowcases and other accents for updates. I’m a knitter so I have one of my shawls that doubles as a throw as needed on a chair w/ottoman – it’s a great spot to sit and read, knit or catch up with family and relax with our dogs. No TV in the room was intentional when we downsized two years ago to this ranch home. The one area that I would like to change are the window treatments. I’ve been looking for ideas that will keep an inviting look but provide some privacy when necessary. Maybe Liz’s book has something that will spark an interest and work for our family.

  36. My favorite room in my house is the family room…in the basement. It’s cozy and warm, but Im always trying to find ways to brighten it up. I’ve tried mirrors and light colored furniture and flooring. I struggle with how to treat the widows in order to try and fool myself into thinking its not a basement. :) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful book to inspire us and offer ideas we might try.

  37. My master bedroom is my favorite. It’s cozy and comfortable and after a long day at work it’s my favorite room to just sit down and unwind.

  38. So far the master bedroom feels the coziest. Still so much to do to bring the rest of the rooms to where I want them to be. Your blog, Diane, inspires me with so many good ideas. Keep writing for us!

  39. I love my family room. When we bought the house it was a dark den. We added a large vertical window after removing light sucking grey brick wraparound a corner. Then we had the walls and remaining brick fireplace painted a soft white with a griege accent wall. Finally we painted
    the very orange toned oak three piece entertainment center white with soft turquoise inside back walls. Now we have a much brighter, comfortable , cozy space. So worth the time and expense.

  40. I love being in my bright and sunny kitchen, but our TV room is the coziest with 2 1/2 walls of windows covered with floor length curtains.

  41. The room that I love being in and the coziest room in my house is actually my living room. Even though it is the largest room, it still feels cozy to me. Now that it is fall, lots of my plants are back in the house and scattered around the living room. I have a great fireplace there and when I’m sitting in my favourite chair, fireplace lit, a few candles burning and my cat curled up on my lap …….. just perfect !!!

  42. I like being in my bedroom which seems to be the coziest. Still working on the rest of the house.

  43. I love my library. It was intended to be the house’s living room, but instead, we installed bookshelves from an old elementary school, and gave our massive book collection a home. Being in there just feels so right.

  44. My favorite room in my house is our front deck. It’s a room to my family and I. It has hosted family get togethers, visits with friends, quiet times with my Husband, evenings with soft lighting and easy conversations over a glass of wine, moments of reflection, curling up in a comfy chair and reading a good book, dancing under the stars, and enjoying countless meals . It’s my outside craft space and one of my favorite areas to decorate with seasonal decor. Our front deck is coziness and comfort all wrapped up in one place…and I couldn’t love it more.

  45. Our family room! Soft couches, a whitewashed fireplace and cozy buffalo check quilts…….yummy!

  46. I’d have to say my favorite is a tossup between our guest room, which is soft and cozy and full of my craft supplies, or or living room with its comfy chairs! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Definitely our family room. Comfy couch and chairs. The fireplace. A plush area rug. It’s also connected to the kitchen. Very cozy.

  48. We live in a cape cod. Cape cod homes innately encourage coziness by design; keeping our family of three close both in proximity and in our bond. Every room is used and there is no place to escape. The room we use the most is the living room. It’s where we gather. The room I find to be the coziest would be the upstairs spare bedroom/office. It was designed with coziness in mind and to facilitate sleepovers. It’s deep blue walls and pitched wainscotting covered ceiling makes you want to curl up in one of the two blue striped beds and tell stories deep into the night.

  49. My living room is my coziest. This book sounds like it has great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  50. Hi Diane,
    I would say my living room feels,the coziest. I love to sit in my favorite chair, light a candle and read a book or some decorating inspiration. I love Liz Marie and her style.

  51. The answer to both questions would be MY DEN! It has my computer, all my books, a tv, radio — love it!
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  52. Cozy is where the fireplace is, and that would be my den. This book would surely be helpful as I prepare to update this 1962 era room.

  53. For some odd reason, I have always wanted to have a library in my home, with books from top to bottom and the smell of scotch and cigars! My little den is full of my books and a small, leather chaise. I enjoy reading, painting, and napping in this little space every day. It gets great sunlight and feels so good. I found a neat candle that is called bourbon and books, and it is great!

  54. I would have to say our living room. …I just had two wing backs recovered in velvet and my family’s tartan plaid (I’m a Carnegie)…plus a traditional leather sofa and they all face each other (if that makes sense?) and aim toward our wonderful gas fireplace. It’s a welcoming space that I’ve tweaked a lot to make it feel comfy. I do love being home and would love to sit down with her new book!

  55. That is difficult to answer…my goal the past few years is to cozy up each room in our home. Right now I would have to say our master bedroom. Love the soft yellow walls, french country furnishings and my lace window treatments. It has been the same now for almost 20 years and I still love it❤️. Would love to win this book.

  56. Hi Diane, the book sounds like a wonderful winter read. Our coziest room is definitely our family room, but needs a bit more cozy. The organized side of me likes our office especially when it has been straightened up. It’s my productive zone. Still loving your blog. Happy Fall, Linnea

  57. I live in a house full of boys. I have their rooms looking masculine but I decorated a small room we have all pink. I love being in there cause the color pink to me is cheerful. In it I have an oversized velvet chair and ottoman and a faux fireplace. That is my cozy spot and my sons know exactly where to find me if they need me:)

  58. My bedroom feels the most cozy to me, especially when the fireplace is on and a candle is burning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Diane,
    It is hard to choose my favorite. I have slowly been trying to make this sweet house into a home we love. We have a long way to go, but there are things I love in several rooms.
    Our bedroom is a favorite. It has knotty pine paneling that my sweet husband painted blue for me. I love the interest the texture of the paneling adds to the softness of the blue. The east facing windows give it such a warmth in the morning.
    I enjoy our living room too. When sleep leaves me during the night I often slip in to sit quietly in my grandmother’s wingback chair. Day or night it is a place of peace to me. It pleases me that a dear friend who often visits seems to feel the same comfort in this chair.
    Perhaps my kitchen is a favorite because I so enjoy when friends and family gather around our table.
    There are so many things that we plan/hope to do to update and decorate home, but at the end of the day, honestly, I often tell Paul, “I am thankful for our home.”

  60. Our living room where my husband, our dog, Jack, and I each have our spot on the couch where we cozy up and relax while reading, watching our favorite tv shows and sometimes sneaking in a good nap.

  61. My favorite room where I feel the coziest is my bedroom. I can prop up in bed and read. It’s a king size bed so I have all my fur babies around me which makes me happy.

  62. My sunroom is the coziest room in my home. Comfortable , casual furniture where you can put your feet up and relax, read, or just enjoy friends.

  63. Hello Diane! I am a faithful reader in Palm Springs, and I love your blog! The coziest room in my house and the room I spend the most time in, would be my family room/dining room. I read the paper, watch TV and eat at the large table. It feels especially warm and cozy in the fall when it is warm during the day and cool in the evening. I love the cooler weather!

  64. I always tend to relax – and do my computer work- while sitting at my kitchen table. To me, it’s the most comfortable spot. Plus I have a view of my cozy living room and I can see outside too!

  65. Hi Diane! Your living room is so bright and comfy with a view of the lake… blessed you are!

    I have a question, since I have always thought you were the paint guru, has the quality of paint coverage changed in the past couple of years? I have used Valspar among others in different finishes and two coats and three on some occasions doesn’t want to cover. Some of the paints also have primers in them with no big difference in coverage. The paint peels off under the trim tape, and it scratches easily. I don’t have oil based paints in my home and am aware of the rule of not painting acrylic over oil based paints.

    Clean up used to be so easy with soap and water but even when I use a brush cleaner the paint is tacky, there are tiny little speck on the bristles and soaking overnight with Lestoil doesn’t even phase the cleanup. I used my dogs flea comb to try to pull out some of the paint but it was still too nasty to reuse. What am I doing wrong?

    Have a beautiful fall and please enter me for the book giveaway.

  66. My favorite room in my home is my craft / sewing room. It’s cozy and small but has all the feels I love. Im surrounded by my fabrics, my crosstitch, and my favorite pictures. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Have a beautiful weekend!

  67. I love my family room best! That’s where a fireplace lends a cozy vibe and where we spend most of our time as a couple and with guests.

  68. Good decorating advice can be applied to any style! My bedroom is the coziest room in my house. It’s a nice size and I still have about 5 feet between the padded bench at the end of my bed and the closet. My furniture is a mix of large French country pieces in antique white and painted Bombay style cabinets/chests. My bedding is all white and I add color by rotating colorful quilts at the foot of the bed. All my quilts have some blue in them so I tied the colors together by hanging vintage blue drapes and adding a couple of blue toss pillows.

  69. I’m so lucky to have my own craft room ! It’s where I do my best thinking, and has all of my favorite things in it. It has to be my cozy place. Thanks for the opportunity to receive this book.

  70. I love my bedroom. I made a headboard out of a old door that was in my great grandparents farm house. Now I feel like a have a part of them always in my cozy room.

  71. Would love this book I love decorating from scratch ! I am a country girl! Love to curl up and get inspired !

  72. My living room with wood burning fireplace. Movie nights with the kids, snuggles and entertaining all happen in this room. Thanks for the opportunity.

  73. My tiny den, which is actually a small bedroom. It is filled with baskets of photographs and memorabilia, which I am organizing to leave for my children. If I do not get these things curated, my family will be over-whelmed, and would toss the important things along with the irrelevant items.

  74. The coziest room in my home is the den. I’d love to have a copy of Cozy White Cottage.

  75. My kitchen. Although, it is not updated, nor even my style at the moment. Which is something I hope to start working on this winter. It is where I spend the most time. Where my family comes together and where I cook, bake, can and create. BTW- Your reason for liking her book is exactly what I like and appreciate about your blog. Our style of decorating is not the same. But, I so appreciate your DIY style and inspiration.

  76. I love being in my living room. My sofa has definitely seen better days but it’s comfy and has sentimental value. The light in the room and the fireplace make me feel at home. I’m excited about reading the book!

  77. My favorite room is my reading room. When we built our house and moved in 21 years ago, it was the first place I fixed up and made “home.” Yes, even before the bedroom! It is unabashedly feminine and certainly not grand enough to call a library, even though it features 3 brimming bookcases (including the built-in I begged our contractor for). I love the fat, cozy armchairs and sofa I inherited from my grandmother, the shelf filled with family pictures, and the perfect lighting and tables for coffee and journaling every morning. Actually… writing this makes me want to run upstairs and snuggle up with a good book right now!

  78. I think the coziest room in my house is my family room.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. My favorite room is my Living Room. It feels so inviting. I purchased a white sofa and love it. Now, I need all the help I can get!

  80. Our Lounge is by far the coziest room.
    It is the centre of our family life, and you can always find a book to enjoy or a dog to curl up with.

  81. My coziest room is my sew room. I can go in, close the door and just do whatever I feel like doing. Time to myself means I’m in my happy place and please do not disturb. I can do crafts or any of the many sewing projects I have wanted to start or even take a nap on the day bed!

  82. I love my great room. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a cozy Autumn fire, snuggled under a fleecy throw , with my beautiful Rajah stretched out and purring contentedly on my lap.

  83. I love my sewing-craft room as it is where I can do what I love without disruption!

  84. Definitely our living room, nothing beats a crackling fire, snuggled under a cozy throw, watching it snow!

  85. The coziest room in my home is my family room. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will win.

  86. I find the coziest room in our house to be our living room. We live on the central coast of California, but inland enough to have very warm summer days (100+ is not uncommon), but we always cool down in the evenings, due to our coastal influences. We have a lovely outdoor deck off our living room and kitchen, complete with an old Franklin wood burning fireplace, but it is really an extension of our cozy living room. In the winter, we tend to stay indoors much more, and our indoor wood stove turns our living room into a warm and glowing area to relax and read, listen to music, or enjoy a movie together. We have a lake cabin, and the ceilings in the living room are now aged pine, which I adore and we put in wood floors throughout the house. We have been here 23 years and really made the place “our nest”. We raised kids here and are now raising a grandchild here as well. The comment we get most of all about our home (living room in particular) is how relaxing, comfy and cozy it is. I agree. It is a wonderful place to be in all seasons.

  87. I love being in my kitchen best, mainly because it always smells cozy from all the good ol homecooking I do. Also, it’s where everyone congregates when they are here visiting. In the fall and winter, it feels warm and homey. In the summer, it leads out to the pool, another reason people congregate here! I was so fortunate the day I found your blog; win or not, you have the best and closest to my own preferences in decorating style!

    1. My family room gives me a warm cozy feeling with the fireplace, candles, Windsor chairs and enjoying the woods through the windows.

  88. My favorite cozy spot in my home is the living room! It’s where we spend the most time, so it needs to reflect a relaxing, cozy feel.

  89. Diane, I love the beautiful colors pf your home. More than once I have commented to friends how I enjoy the unique ideas and tips that you post. Of the rooms and spots in my house, I think my bedroom is the coziest. We finally got ‘adult’ cottage style furniture about five years ago. The walls were painted a soft blue/gray and touches of the sandy beaches added through out. Thank you for your blog. I would love to win this book, it does sound as though it leans towards my style.

  90. My favorite room is our living room. We just finished a remodel, and I love the warm colors and big, cozy furniture we picked out!

  91. My favourite cozy space is my “blue room” den, painted a beautiful robins egg blue with a wonderful cozy white electric fireplace & mantel. Not sure I qualify as I live in Canada!

  92. I love my sunroom! With windows all around, I can enjoy nature in every season – the wonders of nature are beautiful and calming. After a rain, it is especially beautiful as each and every plant is much prettier and perkier when it is nourished by raindrops from heaven. In the spring the cherry tree is a huge ball of pink – dazzling to see.

  93. It’s definitely my bedroom! My favorite time is in the evenings when my husband and I relax and talk about the day or what’s coming up in the week. It’s a great place for us to connect ?

  94. Hi Diane. I love this book also and there really are only a few I would spend money on. My favorite cozy room is my living room because it is decorated to be comfortable. I don’t have a couch, instead I have two chairs that are considered a chair and a half with white slip covers where I watch TV , knit, sit in front of the fireplace and read. Since I live alone with my little dog Bella (her dog bed sits on the other chair) and I don’t have a couch.
    Diane, I have followed you for many years, in fact you are my first blogger and still my favorite so please keep writing.

  95. I’m lucky enough to have a room of my own that I use as an office and craft room. It’s my cozy spot. There’s a comfy futon to sit and think (and sometimes fill with clutter unfortunately), some curtains made with vintage Hawaiian fabric, and great lighting. When I’m not sewing or knitting or corresponding it’s nice just to sit and relax with a good cup of coffee looking out the window. Only thing missing is a dog or cat. But I’ll remedy that soon. Life is good.

  96. Currently I am loving hanging out in my newly remodeled sewing room/office. There is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place….at least for now!

  97. I love my bedroom the best!!! I love my bed! It is just an ordinary king size bed, but by the end of the day I cannot wait to get into it. I keep all of my bedding white, and it just makes it so inviting.

  98. I’m still furnishing and decorating a new home, trying to figure out my own style and extra seating for family gatherings. My living room has been the most difficult and frustrating. I love your blog and style!

  99. I think the coziest room in my house is my family room. It has warm colors and a wonderful wood stove. Kate

  100. Can’t honestly say that any of the rooms in my house are “cozy”…but since I live in NW Wisconsin and Winter is on the way maybe this would help me get that feeling I enjoy in other homes.

  101. My favourite room in my home is my living room – which faces the kitchen (in the middle of the house), up 3 steps, and down one step into the dining room. The living and dining room are separated by a brick double-sided fireplace. I have huge floor to ceiling bow windows in both the dining and living room, with a cozy small round antique table, flanked by 2 wing-back chairs that we have every meal at, and long conversations. And I also love sitting by the window with a book. It is by far my favourite room!

  102. My , sanctuary” is my bedroom. I go in there to get peace of mind! To get away from the stress and drama”. I grab a magazine and let myself dream of having or being in that beautiful room I see on that page. Be it in a country cottage or a French hotel. I love my get aways! My heart melts and my mind’s at peace!! I regroup and I come out with that Sanctuary” in my mind and a smile on my face!!
    One day I’m in hopes I’ll be able to run away to one of those places. Or back into my room on that page in a book or magazine ✈️?

  103. My favorite room of my house is my living room. I painted my couch pink, have lily pulitzer pillows, green lamps and white slip covered club chairs and a lot of mid century do-dads. It feels like my style and I love it.

  104. I love and spend the most time in my living room. I read, watch TV or just sit with the dogs in this room and it’s definitely the coziest.

  105. I have recently downsized to what I plan to be my “forever nest”. My living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in one space. To keep from appearing cluttered, I use one accent color with a black and white background. This will give me the freedom of “keeping in the season” and using the few decorations I have kept as reminders of “the good. Old days”.
    Your blogs are delightful, and I start everyday with you and a cup of coffee!
    Miss Eddie

  106. I love being in my bedroom. There’s a window with a little view, a small table and lamp and a comfy reading chair. With a cat on my lap, I’m good. Looks like her book could give me great ideas to improve on my spot and work in other areas of the house. Thanks for sharing.

  107. Good morning! Since my home is just shy of 1200 sq ft I would have to say that every room is my favorite! I spend most waking hours in my living room on my cozy couch with my two little dogs for cuddles, naps and binging cooking shows!
    Then over to the kitchen for dinner prep and something sweet for my sweetie of 38 years. My front corner window allows me to wave to neighbors and enjoy my front garden during food prep or washing dishes. Our master bedroom is a sanctuary away from stress while lavender diffuses through the air. I have a front bedroom that is “all-purpose”; a guest bed, desk, baskets with multiple pending projects. Every room is a pleasure….simply cannot narrow it down.

  108. My favorite place to be is in our family room. With my handmade quilts, a flickering fireplace and glowing candles it sets a relaxing cozy atmosphere for reading, TV viewing or meditation. It’s one of my happy places.

  109. This book seems like one I would love and be inspired by! The coziest room in my home is what we call the “front room” which is just a sitting room that faces the street. It’s meant to be a formal dining room, but a sitting room fits our lifestyle better!

  110. I love sitting and being in our four season room. We recently moved into a condo after being in our family home for over 25 years, we are starting with some new furniture in this new space. I would love this book and any help I can get!

  111. It depends on which season we are in here in New England. I love my sunroom and kitchen pretty much year around, sunroom being my first choice, kitchen second and family room being third during the winter months. My sunroom and kitchen look out into conservation land so I get to enjoy all 4 seasons. Thank you for the giveaway. I’m always looking for inspiration and enjoy your site immensely.

  112. I absolutely LOVE your style, Diane! I do love all of my rooms in my house but probably my favorite would be our great room/living room because it definitely says who I am…….it is simple, natural light colors on wall and furniture with pops of color throughout. Plus, when I am curled up on the sofa with a good book, I can see through the great room out into the sunroom with views of the Inlet which is relaxing and peaceful.

  113. Thank you for the opportunity to win your wonderful giveaway book. While cottage style isn’t the way I live in my home, it appears the author’s advice is universal to good design regardless.
    My favorite room in my home, and the coziest, is my living room -with its casual contemporary furniture, its fireplace, its bookshelves full of books, its TV for binge watching, and plenty of soft throws and ottomans for comfort.
    I so hope I win this book to keep me company while I take refuge from the upcoming cold and icy Midwest winters in my favorite cozy room.
    Thanks again for the giveaway opportunity.

  114. I am in the process of redoing every room in my house. However, I think my spare bedroom/office/get away room is my coziest. It has original wallpaper from the 50’s in pastel flowers, isn’t to big of a room – just a great place to be!

  115. I love what you have shown about this book. It makes me want to get a cup of hot tea, a throw blanket and sit in my favorite chair and read/savor it right now! My coziest spot is probably my living room; it is kind of like my indoor she-shed! I have a wing chair in there, and an upholstered stool that doubles as my foot rest. And, of course, a fluffy fur throw which is perfect in the winter. The chair is right next to a small secretary which is perfect for that cup of tea!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. My favorite room is our “old” homeschool room. DD graduated last May. It’s just connected to the house and small. Needs a lot of work though. Some day.

  117. I love spending time in our Living Room, with a cozy fire going in our fireplace. Cathedral ceilings with dark beams give it architectural interest. I also love reading books in here, and catching up on your latest blog posts.

  118. i am loving our dining room – just painted after wanting to for awhile and it really turned out so pretty. I am grateful for the inspiration you provide on your blog. its gives me the confidence and instruction do the projects that are rolling around in my head! have fun in Paris!

  119. The coziest room in my house for me is my “breakfast” room where I’ve got a comfy chair, all my reading material and a nice end table with plants, flowers. (It’s also where my “coffee station” is located. ) I would love to win this book – I admire her decorating and life story!!

  120. I agree! This book looks so cozy! My favorite room would have to be my living room (not formal). I’m in the process of updating the paint, curtains, flooring, … This book would really come in handy for me!

  121. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely book. It has been a long time since I have seen a decorating book that I feel I can really use. Right now I don’t feel that I have a “cozy” area in my home and would hope that this book would be an inspiration to complete one. I hope that your trip to France is everything that you thought it would be. I truly enjoy your blog and all of the projects you share with us. I miss you being in PA!

  122. Thanks for the give a way. We just moved into our home 2 weeks ago. It’s a 1950 ranch and we haven’t even finished decorating it. I think this book would be a great inspiration

  123. Hi there, love your blog and hope you’re enjoying Paris!

    I saw a photo of a study on Pinterest that I absolutely fell in love with and knew I had to try and recreate! Luckily the bookshelves were from IKEA which made them very affordable. , I used my own Pottery Barn chair, my hope chest, and of course all my books which I love. I think the result looks even nicer than the inspiration! It’s my favorite space to enjoy my reading time curled up with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket.

  124. Right now every room is in need of coziness, lol. I finally saved enough money to replace flooring through out the house and now each room is a project. I love color, but I also like neutrals – whites/creams which is predominantly my guest room.
    The book looks delicious! ?

  125. My bedroom is my favorite room in the house. I have carved out a corner where I have my favorite scented candle, books and most of all my big soft comfy chair that I love. After a long day at work coming home knowing that my chair is waiting for me makes things all the better!

    I am new to your blog and I really enjoy reading it.
    Thank you for sharing!

  126. Currently the coziest room is not in my house! It is my patio and outside kitchen area that we just completed this summer. The hardy board planks were a green shade that I painted with a soft white. It took several coats to get the exact look which made the space right off my living room look very large. Using tips from you blog I wanted to start with a neutral pallete and work from there. I painted the french door a nautical blue to pull in the cool colors from the pool that we will be installing next to extend the living space even more. I choose neutral couches and chair as my anchor pieces with one wicker couch in a white wash look from inside. Then the fun started! I followed a lot of your style using bright pillows and pots with interest and texture. We installed a beautiful rich wood pergola over the kitchen area. The counter is a brick frame with granite top accented with stainless steel doors and drawers. The bar is the same wood with tin set panels and the same granite top. Pulling together all these different elements really has a comfortable inside style outside! I just enjoy so much curling up on the couch and feeling the breeze from the fans and natural wind. Fall is coming! I choose colors so that I could mix in the rich colors of fall with the summer colors of blues and greens. Pillows and throws are so easy to bring all the seasons to life in this space.

    Now I am starting on the living space connecting to this patio area. We are going couch shopping today before I put out my fall decor! I am always checking your previous blog posts for new and interesting ideas to change up what I have in my stash each season. I have a friend who has pictures of each room so she can put everything just as it was the year before but NOT me. I want to move things and make it more interesting each year when friends, family and the kids come home to make them feel like they never want to leave. This book will be on my radar for some tips if I don’t win the give-a-way! If Diana is giving the referral, its sure a winner for my next room inspiration :)

  127. I love my living room with its stone fireplace, wood ceiling and beams, knotty pine paneling and sheet rock walls. Add a large picture window looking out to my front porch and garden and I’m all set. I appreciate your blog – you have great ideas and know how to share them in an encouraging way.

  128. Our coziest room in our home would be our living room. There are plenty of places to put your feet up and relax, and read, or watch a little television. It has good light for plants, yet remains cozy on a cold winter’s night. We’ve done a lot of living here…36 years and counting. Thanks for the opportunity Diane! ;)

  129. Love my downstairs living room and master bedroom for cozy. Both exude a calming feeling.

  130. The picture of that baby peeking over Mom’s shoulder, right at the camera, is enough reason to want this book! That aside, I love the clean simplicity and inclusion of old furniture and objects, which I think add a lot of warmth and individuality to a home. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  131. I might possibly say that the guest room is the coziest to me. It has a comfortable bed with pillows and a tv and a wonderful bedding set. It also has my yarn. It is where I go to sit and knit and to read a book. It is where I go to curl up and relax.

  132. Happy Friday! My coziest room in the house changes as the seasons do! In the summer it is my screened porch, in the winter, my living room with the fireplace (often) burning! I must admit that I hate to see the summer flowers and outdoor spaces close up for the next 6 months ?…all the more reason to comfy up the interior even more! Thanks for your ideas and inspirations—always look forward to reading your blog! ?

  133. my favorite room in my home is our cozy den. we snuggle us with our dogs and watch our favorite design shows together each evening as we unwind from the day.

  134. Definitely, our living room. We have a very large window overlooking the marsh and creek. We have multiple active bird feeders that add to our view of nature. I enjoy sitting in our comfy chairs, drinking my morning coffee and reading my favorite blogs.

  135. My living room is by far the coziest room, next to that would be our bedroom.

    Thank you!!!

  136. The coziest room I would have to say our living room. It’s bright and sunny and in the winter cuddled under blankets and pillows with the fireplace-heaven! Thanks!

  137. I think the coziest room in our house is our covered front porch. For each season I accessorize with different items, color’s, chairs, etc.

  138. My coziest room is my bedroom! Of course this room is for sleeping but so much more. I have a over size chair in this room right by a big picture window. I watch the world wake up with a nice cup of tea. I lose myself in a good book there. I watch as the first hints of fall kiss the trees setting them on fire with color. Winter brings a different kind of cozy, big chair warm blanket and knitting. This is my cozy!
    Thanks for all you do!

  139. Probably our bedroom. Our house is a very old farmhouse. Some rooms are very big and some are small. And there are a number of them.

    But the rooms we live in the most are the smallest. Go figure.

    I see so many large bedrooms on Pinterest and I think they’re beautiful but there is something about our small bedroom (14 x 14) that is so cozy and warm.

    Interestingly, we added a bedroom to our cabin a couple of years ago. It’s quite a bit larger and I’ve had a heck of time decorating it. Finally, I figured out it’s because it’s just too big and I’m having a hard time” cozying” it up.

    So my small bedroom gets my vote.

    By the way, Liz Marie lives in my area of Michigan, only about forty miles away. So I feel like she’s somewhat of a distant neighbor.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win her book and have a blessed day.

  140. Coziest room is the living room! Fireplace and not too far from the kitchen for snacks :)

  141. My husband and I live in a small home which, though not perfect, is truly cozy, and we thank the Lord for it! It’s hard to choose my favorite room, but at the top would have to be my kitchen. It’s small, but laid out nicely, and best of all, lots of good food gets made there! This book looks so interesting, and I’m always up for good decorating ideas! Thanks!

    1. My favorite cozy place would be our kitchen and dining space. Our friends and family always seem to gravitate to these areas. My fondest memories are baking in my kitchen and cranking out good meals for our friends and family. Cozy to me is a warm muffin or coffee cake right out of the oven with a great cup of coffee.

  142. Thanks for talking about this book in your blog….my favorite room is our Sun Porch. It is small, quaint and has windows floor to ceiling. I can sit out there with a cup of coffee and enjoy the outdoors while cozy inside!

  143. Diane, what a nice giveaway. I follow Liz Marie and love her style and taste. We also have a cottage type home and many of her ideas for a cottage are very helpful for me. Thanks for this opportunity….have a great day.

  144. Wow – looks like a beautiful book! I’m not sure which room I find the coziest in my house, but probably my living room. We repainted it and got some new pieces of furniture a few years ago and I absolutely love the way it turned out when we finished. It’s very comfortable and cozy – especially in winter, my favorite season!

  145. My favorite room is my living room – cozy up with a book, blanket, and cup of coffee in my chair by the fireplace and look out onto our cows in the pasture. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  146. My bedroom is my favorite and coziest.

    Now I’m off to check out her blog.

  147. I love the screened porch on the back of our house. It isn’t large, and that just adds to the coziness. We have left the wood natural and have kept that rustic feeling going with rattan furniture, plants, floral/greenery upholstery, concrete floor and various lanterns. Cozy is my favorite decorating ‘style.’

  148. My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. Even though it would not be called large by any means, it is bright, cheerful, and practical.

  149. My family room is the coziest room in my home. In the winter I love to have a warm fire burning and settle down with a good book. Cozy White Cottage looks very inviting.

    Thank you,
    Jen Borba

  150. I love my den. It is cozy and warm and the most used room in our home. As a family, we enjoy our time together in this area continually.

  151. I like to sit in my old blue wing chair inside my cottage overlooking the lake, with a cup of coffee and my iPad.

  152. Thank you for running this contest!
    The room I feel most comfortable in is our “new” living room. I just finished flipping the rooms in our house that were meant to be used as the living room and dining rooms.
    We needed more dining room space and less living room space ( we also have a family room) so I flipped the rooms! It works beautifully! Now I can leave my dining room table extended all the way out and we definitely use both rooms more this way.
    The living room feels more intimate and cozy this way. We love it!!

  153. My living room is cozy! I have a big comfy couch and lots of natural light perfect for reading.

  154. I have a little sitting area at the end of my kitchen with two wing chairs and a table where I like to sit with a cup of coffee. It’s in front of a big window so lots of light pours in but I still like to keep a lamp on for extra coziness.

  155. I love pur livingroom! We have a deep, comfy couch and the decor isn’t fussy, but still stylish!

  156. I love being in my kitchen the most! We remodeled it about 5 years ago and I love our white cabinets and light grey granite counter tops – so bright and inviting. I love spending time here baking for my family and friends. This book looks amazing!

  157. My bedroom is my favorite room in our home. It’s small and cozy, with a colorful quilt hanging on the wall behind the headboard. I love lying there on my super comfy mattress watching as the first light of day emerges, snuggling with my pets.

  158. Actually, it is my weekend bedroom. We recently brought the bedroom set from the lower level to the middle level. I now have a totally different view out the patio door. Hills and wildlife. Cozy, comfortable and peaceful. It has made sleeping a dream. Love waking up on weekends, get my coffee in hand and watch the chipmunks, squirrels and deer dashing through the yard.

  159. I love my bedroom… It was the last room in the house that we did after moving in 25 years ago, and I LOVE it. You actually inspired me Diane, and I used the same wallpaper that you have in your bedroom – the faux grasscloth, which is just beautiful and so fresh and clean looking.