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My Studioffice Craft Room Part 2

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A while back I wrote about my studioffice work-table and told you that I was going to be changing a few things – that a Part 2 post would follow.  It took some time and I finally got it done!

Here is a glimpse of Part 1

I re-purposed two cabinets that were hand me downs, a Luan door that I covered with black vinyl and ribbon and nail head trim for the work top.

DIY craft room work Table Tutorial


The two cabinets used as the base of my work table were stained in an “oak”y color that I was not fond of.

DIY craft room work Table Tutorial


I decided to paint them and add baseboard with bead trim molding along the bottom so the base would look a bit more modern. You can see things were a bit messy while I was busy transforming.

DIY craft room work Table Tutorial


I love the white and the solid base – now nothing can roll under the table, including dust bunnies.

*** Update***  I have since moved my worktable against the wall and added a tool wall above it. you can read more abnout that in this post:  How to Build a Tool Wall using Molding

***To see more details of how the table was made there is a link at the end of this post.

My studioffice is set up in the room that the builder designated as the formal living room in our house plan.  Since we have a family room, I decided that this space would better serve as an office and craft room.  A place where I could create, gift-wrap, sew, and just get inspired.  Since it is in the main part of the house – to the left of our foyer, it is in full view- which has a down side.  If I make a mess – everyone sees it.  I can’t close it off.

The best part of this room is that it is sunny, bright, and cheery, and I feel part of  the household, not stuck in the basement as I was in a previous house.  What really made this a  great place to create was after my hubby installed an electrical outlet on the floor.  It is under the work-table.  This way I can plug in my hot glue gun, Dremel drill, lights, etc.  I have a stool behind the table that I sit on. I also use it when I am at my sewing machine.

My sewing machine is in a corner. I have a round plywood table-top with glass and a tablecloth that I bought at Linens and Things.  I use it to cover my sewing machine when not in use.  I store my tool box and and a few other things under the table.

Sewing machine uncovered


I have a small bookcase in the front of the room where I store all my paper products and stationery. I recently painted it white to match the work-table.

and added baseboard molding and beaded trim to the bottom.  I like the modern look of the solid base.  I simply cut the baseboard molding and nailed it over the existing base.  I counter-sank the nails and Spackled the holes before I painted.

Here is how it looks now.

My craft supplies are in the armoire.  This armoire was a hand me down from my in-laws and has gone through many changes- pantry, clothes closet, and now a craft closet.  I try to keep it organized so that I can just reach in and find what I need without having to rummage through everything.  The rolls of ribbon are on tension rods that I fit to the inside width of the armoire.

The desk is a partners desk that my hubby helped me make.  We used an old wood file cabinet that was another hand-me down as it’s base.  The inspiration board on the wall was created using 8 panels of foam board that I bought at the dollar store.  I covered each panel with fabric and used mailing tape to attach the fabric to the back .   I summer-ized my lamps by changing out the shades to white from the black I like to use in the winter months.  I am also in the process of making a summer blue chair cover. You can see it in it’s unfinished state on the chair. Its going right over my black and white check cover.  When Autumn arrives, I can simply remove it.   I also placed a large framed mirror on the wall next to the inspiration board.  This is directly across from one of the windows and reflects more light into the room – which I love, lots and lots of sunlight.


Foam Board and pins from the dollar store that I used to make the inspiration board.

You can use mailing tape or duct tape to attach the fabric to the foam board.  I used the beaded straight pins to attach the boards to the wall.  They are very sharp and were easy to press into the foam board and sheet rock.  If you have trouble, use something hard and flat to press them in.  Using straight pins in this way won’t leave noticeable holes in the wall.  I used solid color fabric to match the wall.  I like when my stuff, junk, decorative items are  the source of the color in my rooms – not large pieces of fabric or paint.

Update:  I recently did a bit of de-cluttering. I needed some breathing room.

I made a cart out of a cabinet without a door that I found in a neighbor’s trash.  I added wheels so I could move it around the room. My dad made the  Lazy Susan colored pencil organizer for me.  I found directions for it in an Artist’s publication about 10 years ago.  I think it was a North Light publication.  There is a row for each color family with the name of  the color written on the each side.  Keeps me very organized.  Trax, the cat knocked the whole thing down a while ago. That was NOT fun having to put them all back into the drilled holes.  Here is a link to the post I wrote about the Lazy Susan Colored Pencil Organizer.

When creating the work-table I had another use for it in mind beyond crafting.   When I take the cutting side off-

It makes the perfect place to set up a buffet when we entertain.  Guests can mingle in here as well as in the family room, kitchen, and dining room.  It keeps the party atmosphere spread throughout the first floor of the house.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing where I create.  I will leave you with this pearl of wisdom.

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    1. Hi Francie-
      It is a great feeling to get organized, but so hard to stay organized. I find I go thru times when I have stuff piled high. I try to have Spring and Fall organizing days so my “stuff” doesn’t take over. Thanks for the nice comment.

  1. Ooh la la! Love your space! The armoire so rocks, and your chair is adorable. I love the way you changed up all the furniture pieces. Thank you for sharing your amazing space! ~Robin~