8 Easy Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Feel Special

When it comes time to set your dining table for Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey usually takes center stage. This year ramp up the style of the table decor by using one of these easy to make thanksgiving place card ideas. Using any of them will make everyone sitting around the table feel special.

A few of these place cards can even be created in minutes using a free printable sheet that you can cut out the place cards and write names on each.

Here I’ve rounded up some of the place cards I have used on my holiday table settings over the years. Some of them the guests have even wanted to take home with them.

How to Make Place Cards for a Dinner Table Setting

What will your Thanksgiving look like this year? Place cards make any table feel special even if you are using paper plates.

Even if everyone knows each other or it is a small gathering. I still create a place card as it makes the table setting all the more special and embraces the joy of connecting with each other.

Gift Tag Place Cards

Brown Kraft paper place card on white plate for Thanksgiving table setting

Purchase a pack of pre-made gift tag in the paper aisle at the craft store to make these Gift Tag Table Place Cards. Print or handwrite the names of your guests on each tag and tie then onto a pinecone and place on or near the dinner plate.

Thanksgiving Place Card Printable – Free

Free printable sheet of Thanksgiving table place cards

These free printable place cards are the easiest to use for your fall dinner party or Thanksgiving dinner. They are blank and ready for you to print and add your guests names using fall-colored pens or markers.

Burnt orange color votive candle in glass holder with free printable Thanksgiving place card hot glued to it.

Place one on each plate or cut out around the leaf pattern and use glue dots to attach to a votive candle holder.

Instant Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

How to make place card holders

Any small piece of paper can become a place card when placed in a simple owl style paper clip. For this place card I used black cardstock and white chalk to write the names.

Paper Bag Place Cards

Quick and easy place cards for table setitngs

If you would like something a bit different, these Brown Bag Place Cards will fill the bill. Head to your paper bag stash to make them. Add a leaf to add more fall color to the table.

Scrabble Tile Place Cards

Letter tiles to buy and wood tiles to make. Both make unique table place cards and buffet table food signs.

You can make these Scrabble-Like Tile Place Cards using trim molding from the home improvement store and wood squares from the craft store. You can also raid your Scrabble game and use real Scrabble tiles and the holders.

Free Printable Banner Place Cards

Affordable entertaining idea for setting a table with unique place cards that you place on dinner plates. Your guests will want to take them home.

These Free Printable Banner Style Place Cards are unique in that they are not a tented card. Guests will want to take these home with them.

Leaf Place Cards

Rustic leaf place card on Thanksgiving table setting

Use Kraft paper and trace around this Fall Leaf Pattern to make these leaf and raffia place cards.

Vintage Earring Place Cards

Tablesetting Ideas - Placecard holder using Vintage clip on earrings

When you are out thrifting and yard saleing keep your eye out for colorful vintage clip on earrings. They make great Festive Place Card Holders in a snap.

More Place Card Ideas

8 Creative Thanksgiving table place card ideas.

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