Mother’s Day Gift and Wrapping Ideas

Mother’s Day is a few weeks away.  Do you know what you are going to give your mom this year?

My mom always wanted simple Mother’s Day gifts – things that we made as children or that would hold a special meaning to her.  Handcrafted was much better than anything store bought in her mind.  I also enjoyed when Kelly and Mandy would make me something that they were so proud to give me.  Those gifts are the keepers – the ones I could never part with.  I have made quite a few things here on my blog that I think a mom will love, especially if you put her style on it.  I also love to think up pretty and stylish ways to give any present – presence!   I have rounded up a few of my favorites, along with a few ideas that you can buy if you don’t have the time to make anything.

No. 1: Make Over


My sister has a letter holder on her kitchen desk. She loves how nice and organized it keeps her stuff, but she didn’t like the color and pattern on it anymore.  As a surprise, I gave it a fresh new look, simply by painting it with DIY chalk paint.

No. 2: Repurpose

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Crafts stores are filled with new items that can be repurposed into something other then their indented  use.  When you remove the cardboard insert and turn a clear plastic box frame upside down, you get a modern looking tray. Line it with stylish giftwrap and your mom will be squealing with delight.  If a bar tray is not her style, make it into a vanity or serving tray.

No. 3: Create an Original

Monogrammed Chef's Coat For Mothers Day gift

Make mom feel like a 5-Star Chef.  Give her a personalized chef’s coat. Have it  monogrammed with her initials, name, or nickname. My local uniform store carries the coats and embroiders them for a nominal extra charge.

No. 4: Purchase Chic Wine



My sister gave me this wine that comes in a chic handbag for Christmas.   Isn’t it…Oh! so cute?  Even if you don’t get it for your mom, buy one for your friends and yourself to enjoy.  I took a bag of red to the Snap Conference since it would travel well in a suitcase!


No. 5: Buy A Pink Princess Phone

Pink Princess Phone Target

This is what I am asking for.  A classic pink princess phone. The one I have is faded. I will always love this phone – so a replacement will make this momma, happy.   It is the only wired phone in the house and has come in handy during power outages. I have it on my night stand.  You can buy it online at Target.


No. 6: Order Favorite Things Pencils


Charming and colorful wood pencils printed in subtle gold with darling quotes.  Swoon worthy.  Makes a perfect desk accessory.  From Amanda Catherine Designs Etsy Shop.


No. 7: Wrap It In Style


From gift bags to sparkly embellishments, I love to wrap a gift so the receiver says  Oooohhhh…la…la before they have even opened the gift.   Whether you make it or buy her gift this year, here are a few ways to inspire you to wrap your gift to mom in style.

1. Ribbon Spool Box  2. Repurpose Jewelry  3. Designer Handbag Gift bag easily made with a file folder 4. Elegantly Chic  5. Clip-On Style  6.  Monogrammed Gift bags

More handmade gifts to make:

Monogram Coasters,  Gift Wrapped Flower Pot

For more ideas on what to give your mom this Mother’s Day, check out my Gift Wrapping Project Gallery and decorative accessories  to make.

10+ Mother's Day gift ideas that you can buy or make | In My Own Style


  1. Denise says

    Great ideas Diane!

    I bought three of those acrylic frames at Goodwill for 99 cents each with the intention of making trays of of them. I bought a shopping cart FULL of stuff so I stashed the trays on the bottom rung of the cart and you guessed it…I forgot about them. I went back the next day, searched the store & couldn’t find them. I went back the third day and SUCCESS…I found them stashed with all the picture frames. So I got my 99 cent frames but not before I had purchased even MORE thrifted goodies on my second and third trip to Goodwill!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    These are all such great inspiration. I so want that phone. I wish it came in a vibrant Lime Green also. The only phone connection I have is here in my little home office and it has a green Hyde A Bed Sofa in it… it is soooo old, but they just don’t make stuff sturdy any longer that I could afford, so I am keeping it.


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