Weekend Happenings…

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One of my daughter’s came home yesterday with her boyfriend to spend “The Eclipse Weekend” with us.

I took her to the local furniture store today to try out the furniture I am considering.  She liked it, but after looking at all the choices of leather, we decided on choosing a different color for the recliners. I will keep you posted on my final decisions.

Standing on deck looking out to lake.

Now I have to get myself in gear for the weekend since we are having a houseful of guests come for Monday’s  two and a half minutes of Total Eclipse viewing.  :-) Food to buy, beds to make, toilets to clean :-)  We plan on taking our boat out on the lake to view the eclipse. I will take photos and video. If any of it comes out decent, I will share them next week.

Before I go to begin to get the house guest-ready, here are links to a few things I read this week that I think you will enjoy….

–  Way back when I first started blogging, I posted this. It was before Pinterest and I haven’t thought about it much until I saw pre-made ones on sale for $20. I like the white silk, but they come in linen and burlap, too.  They can also be used to hide electrical cords.

–  I recently found a resource for one of the most FAQ’s I receive here on my blog. If you have written to me about the rack over the washer and dryer in my previous laundry room you may like… this one.

– I could not agree more…. YES…YES…and YES!!!  

– I have been searching for a healthy and crunchy bread recipe and this Life Changing Bread is a winner. Topped with this jam and a cup of hot tea…..Yummmmmm!

– I think in a previous life I was a fashion designer. I love this bag, but not the fact that it is a clutch. I will be doing a little DIY’ing on it so I can make it perfect for my style.

Happy weekend..

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  1. I always love the links you share, they’re always so entertaining!! Thank you for the post =)

  2. I love your post about the chandelier chain! I have a few electrical cords that drive me crazy but I didn’t even think to use my burlap to wrap around it! Thanks for sharing again so I could see it. Wasn’t the eclipse amazing, what a beautiful and fun experience! Hope you and your family enjoyed it as well.

  3. I just wanted to leave another comment on your leather furniture search. Please make sure you are purchasing full leather and not “bonded leather”. Bonded leather is a very thin veneer of leather on top of a vinyl like backing. It doesn’t last, scratches and rips easily. So make sure to ask the sales associate about this. Bonded leather is very inexpensive but it’s inexpensive for a reason. Also, some retailers on use leather on the seats and backs and bonded leather or even color matched vinyl on the sides and back. Again, a little research will prevent lots of headaches and having to purchase new chairs again in a few years. Real, 100% leather wears well and will last for years! Good luck and happy hunting!

  4. Hi!
    I was wondering what you were saying about HGTV. So I went and read the article you were referring to and I also agree with you!
    The comments on the Tiny House are so right. I’m glad to know some people think like me!
    I don’t know if any of you watch the Cottage Life Channel. The show “Escape to the Country” is SO frustrating. In 99% of the cases, the clients do not buy any of the properties they viewed. It is the complete opposite of what goes on on those HGTV shows (House Hunters, etc.). But we keep watching “Escape to the Country” because it makes us laugh!
    Great blog, Diane!

  5. I wholeheartedly agree about HGTV. It used to be my favorite channel. We got rid of our cable 3-4 years ago as there was nothing of interest on any of the 100+ channels. Haven’t missed it yet!

    I wonder if I can still find some eclipse glasses before Monday….

    Have a wonderful weekend and eclipse watch!

  6. Oh I so hope you get good photos and maybe a good video. I live in Florida, so my chance of viewing is about niil.

    And I’m wondering if my bad vision is from looking at sun and moon eclipses in the past?

    Have a wonderful weekend and Monday!

  7. Thanks for sharing my post, Diane!

    Enjoy the eclipse. I’m scared to death to take the kids outside (and we didn’t get glasses, but not sure I’d trust the twins even if we had!).

  8. It has been some time since I’ve made a loaf of the “Life Changing Bread” Maybe once it cools down, I’ll start making loaves. Husband and I ‘quit’ bread (flour) 3 yrs ago, after many yrs of making wonderful “Almost No Knead Bread”. Great alternative, but remember, “There is no substitute for the psyllium” (I’m able to find in bulk section of markets in middle of central WA).

  9. Glad you changed your mind about the leather chairs. I love all things blue but it just doesn’t seem right on a leather chair. As for sofas, my 25 year old son has had an IKEA Ektorp for 3 years and it still looks like new. I have had an Ektorp sectional for a year and love it. It is firm but tat it what I was looking for. Love the ease of the slipcovers and adore the price. And I love your blog!

  10. You are so fortunate to be in the eclipse path! We are flying halfway across the country to get to a good viewing spot. Enjoy viewing the eclipse from your new home on the lake!

  11. By the time you feel like reading our post comments, the weekend will have come and gone! Then all that cleaning up afterwards! OMG! think I’ll just hang around the house, all lazy and such. Sweep up one spot, real slow…maybe…