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I am not sure how we can be in the first week of May already, but here we are. Since the calendar says May, has the weather warmed up in your area yet?

Before I share a few things I found interesting this week, I want to first say thanks to all of you who have left me comments on my last post where I asked for exterior landscaping ideas for the front of my house. You guys rock and are filled with such great ideas.  I am so glad I asked you. :-)

I also want to thank you for all the comments you left and are still leaving me about my new blog photo where I am sporting my natural grey hair color.

I love reading all of these comments, but have not had a chance to respond yet. I try my best. My oldest daughter is getting married in June, so I have been a little pre-occupied making sure I am getting everything on that “to-do” list done.

Onto what I found interesting and inspiring this week:

DIY Camper decorating makeover

Photo: The DIY Mommy

On my bucket list… to travel to all 50 states in an RV that is as stylish as this one. 

Have you checked out the changes on Pinterest? This post shares tips on how to organize your boards and more.

Talk to yourself as you would… when you need a pep talk.

What 50 years olds know that 20 year olds don’t.

A 2-ingredient frozen treat.

I like to swing, this one is dreamy and so is the screened-in porch.

A free printable that will help you get things done.

and one more…

…If you like to read about the woman “behind the business” you may enjoy reading this tabletop entrepreneur’s back story.

I hope you can get out and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I will be back early next week with something new and colorful for my deck.

Till then –happy face

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  1. Hi Diane,

    I also have seeing all 50 states in a RV on my bucket list. I love to see Go Riving.
    Good Luck with planning your daughter’s wedding. I am sure it will be a beautiful wedding : )

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration. You are one of the very few sites with affordable and doable projects. I love it.
    I read the post from Sunny Side about projects and reviewed her free printable. What and how do you manage and complete your projects?
    Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Hi Mary –

      To help keep me organized I have a folder with a page for each project I am working on. The folder also contains shopping lists for the supplies I need, idea lists and more. I call it my brain book. I try to keep it organized and just yesterday, I cleaned it out and re-organized it. It felt like I was decluttering my brain. :-)

  3. Gee, that Fixer Upper article was really mean spirited. I wish I hadn’t read it. How about that author go and write articles about things that really are wrong in the world instead of being petty about a successful couple who are parents. I’m sure they have staff & managers at their many projects. I guess we can’t “have it all” in that author’s eyes.

  4. Regarding the Gaines’ article which in all honesty I didn’t bother to read, I don’t feel the need to judge them as long as they are not neglecting or abusing their kids. I have watched their show, and the children seem to be actively involved with their parents and are obviously loved and well-behaved (on camera anyway!). What I found interesting in one of the comments above was, “Why did you have kids in the first place?” What is that supposed to mean? Are we supposed to be joined at the hip with our families 24-7? I don’t believe that is healthy for anyone. We all need a break from each other, even the kids from their parents! In my 20-year military career not once did anyone ask me “Why did you have a child in the first place?” when I had to deploy, travel to distant lands for temporary duty, or work long hours. It’s all about quality of time, not necessarily quantity.

  5. I think the article on the Gaines’ is accurate. It is easy to make everything look simple on TV (look at Martha Stewart) but reality is they have a bunch of people running around in the background. It isnt family first but money first imo.

    Some might think that is okay but is it? Why did you have kids in the first place?

    I think money is their motivator and the more they make the more they want to make….one day they will look back and realize someone else raised their kids and it isnt likely a family member.

    They will regret not smelling the roses along the way…by the way this isnt one writers opinion–I have seen them criticized time and time again. This family and business is made for TV. is all fake.

  6. Wow I had no idea the 50 states was on your bucket list., so awesome . Joe and I want to try and see as many National Parks via a camper as we can. We actually almost brought one before we moved to the lake but bought the boat instead. One of our neighbors always shares her fond memories of traveling to every national park in the US and some in Canada and I love listening to her stories. Great blog post. Let’s plan a national park visit together.

  7. Hello. What I got from the article in USA, is “distorted realities”… Although I believe that Chip and Joanna truly made it on their own, I would think that, as their business is growing, they must have “silent” helpers and assistants; so, here’s one distorted reality! Come on… I’m sure they have some people to take care of the cleaning, laundry and a full-time nanny or babysitter and a lot of family helping out. But there’s nothing wrong with it when you care…
    And it all depends on what they mean by “family first”: of course, when you work hard, you do it for your family, but that does not mean that you’re with your kids or spouse 24/7. The thing is: do you always have to be with your kids for them to be happy?
    And working hard means making sacrifices, like not always being there to read a story at bedtime or driving the kids to school.
    I noticed that whoever is rich always looks suspicious and people can’t help but think: oh, there must be something wrong with them.
    So, imagine when you have a good-looking successful religious couple, with many kids, a beautiful house, how suspicious they look!
    As far as distorted reality is concerned, what about when Chip smashes wall or hangs on a chandelier to take it out? If I were to do that, I would be crippled after 1 week!
    Why does he have to be such a “show off”? And then people try to do the same and need to see their physiotherapist to get fixed! LOL
    There’s a saying: “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.

  8. Wow, that article was an awful, unnecessary hit piece. Why is it anyone’s business what they do? They’re certainly not hurting anyone and are leagues above the usual reality tv embarrassments that have come to sicken our country, like the Kardashians, Teen Moms, etc, etc.

    Why do you feel it’s okay(by posting, this promoting such an awful article) to even encourage the sideline judging and criticism of a family who gives back and provides for their family without being awful people to do so?

    Wow, the media and social media sure have made people judge others well beyond the scope of classy or necessary.

    Why begrudge then for their success?
    Plain and simple, they are nice, decent people.

    1. Hi Emme –

      I haven’t read the comments over on the article. When I first saw it the day it was published, it came up on my Google News feed. I found it interesting to read the author’s perspective. I included the link in my post since I know many readers love the show and the Gaines as much as I do. You are right in that Chip and Joanna are leagues above the reality TV personalities. This is why we love them so much and why they attract so much attention.

  9. Re: Gaines article
    I think the author of the article basically was saying that people shouldn’t put them on a pedestal; that their time with their children may work for them, but as much as is on their plate, they no doubt sacrifice family time along the way. I think he was saying “be reasonable” when taking their word for ALWAYS putting family first.
    The comments following the article are, for the most part, why the article was published. The Gainses’ have millions of followers with a cult-like devotion who cannot stomach any criticism of their idols.

  10. Wen you mentioned the porch I knew it was going to be Beth’s. Beautiful!
    Love your bucket list.
    I’m a reader and don’t put much into articles, I think Chip and Jo do a fantastic job with the children and everything they do. I’ve read all of their books.
    I think they are a very blessed family.
    Really like your post today. Congrats! On the wedding. I know it will be beautiful and can’t wait to see what you do.

  11. re: Gaines folks. I find it hard to to fathom that anyone would deny that having that many things going on is a lot to juggle with 5 children and a farm.

  12. Interesting information. Regarding Chip and Jo “walk a mile in my shoes” to know what realky goes on in someone’s life. And we are not here to judge others. Always enjoy your blog Diane. I’m sure you are very busy with the upcoming wedding.

  13. Does the writer of the Chip and Joanna Gaines article understand the concept of delegating? I think most people realize that don’t do it all.

    1. Hi Hannah – I wonder if the writer of the article was asked to write the piece without mentioning that Chip and Joanna have a lot of help on the business side of their life so that they can be with their family as much as they want. Chip didn’t bring it up either in his response. If either the writer or Chip brought this up, I don’t think there would be a controversy.